‘Clue’ Animated Series Based On Board Game In Works At Fox From eOne

Hasbro’s popular mystery board game Clue is getting an animated series treatment.

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The project has been set up at Fox Entertainment, which is developing the series with Hasbro’s content studio Entertainment One and Fox Entertainment-owned Bento Box Entertainment.

There are no details about the premise of the animated series besides assurances that it will be “encapsulating the thrilling and suspenseful dynamics that have made Clue a global sensation for more than seven decades.”

“‘Colonel Mustard…In the Conservatory…With the lead pipe.’  By just hearing these colorful phrases alone, you immediately know what they mean — leaving no mystery as to why Clue is one of the most beloved board games-turned-IP of all time,” said Michael Thorn, President of Entertainment of Fox Entertainment. “We couldn’t be more excited to develop it as an animated series along with eOne and Bento Box.”

Clue is being co-produced by Fox Entertainment, eOne and Bento Box Entertainment, which also will serve as the animation studio.

“We’re thrilled to team up once again with our great partners at Fox and also work with Bento Box on this exciting new series,” said Pancho Mansfield, eOne’s President of Global Scripted Programming. “Clue is an iconic whodunit property that exudes mystery and intrigue, and has fans all over the world. We can’t wait to share our reimagined animated version with audiences.”

This is the second high-profile TV series project based on a classic Hasbro board game to be announced since Hasbro acquired eOne last year. The company also has in the works Risk, a series adaptation of the strategy game, shepherded by House of Cards creator Beau Willimon.

Clue, originally called Murder!, was launched in 1949 and invented by Englishman Anthony E. Pratt, who created the game during WWII to pass the time during lengthy air raid drills. Clue is conceptualized on the murder of Mr. Boddy, the host of the game’s “dinner party,” during which players must untangle various clues to determine who among the party’s six guests – Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlett, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green and Dr. Orchid – committed the crime.  Since its debut, Clue has been introduced to more than 30 countries, some of which call it Cluedo. The game, which has 324 different plots for players to solve, was adapted into a film in 1985 that featured three alternate versions, each with a different ending and has since become a cult classic.

In TV, Hasbro previously adapted Clue as a 2011 miniseries for The Hub Network, the company’s joint venture with Discovery Communications.

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