Chloe Sims reveals she quit job as a Playboy Bunny in France to sign up for Towie after auditioning while drunk

CHLOE Sims has revealed she quit her job as a Playboy Bunny in France to sign up for Towie.

The 38-year-old admitted she auditioned for the reality TV series while drunk – and shouted "hell yes" when bosses wanted to cast her.

Speaking on TOWIE: The Story of…, Chloe said: "My friend at the time told me they were going to make a show, like The Hills but in Essex, and she was like ‘you’ve got to go for it’ and I was like no way, I can’t do that, at that point I was scared about things like that.

"She told me I was going to do it and ring up the producers, she had the number for them, I was like ‘no I can’t call up the producers,’ and I remember we had a row in the kitchen and she just dialled the number and gave me the phone.

“So I had my meeting with them and it went well, I’d had a few glasses of wine so I was drunk and a bit loose lipped and they said ‘right, can you send us a weekly blog of what you get up to, any dates, anything funny, anything goes wrong, just send it to us.’”

As work went on behind the scenes to launch Towie, Chloe got a job as a Playboy Bunny and was travelling to France every weekend.

And by the time Towie producers got back in touch, Chloe said: "I’d kind of forgotten about that and was loving my life as a Playboy Bunny.

"I was rocking on in like Cannes and St Tropez, places I couldn’t afford to be! It was amazing.

“I was in Luton Airport, and all of the magazines were full of Towie, and I thought ‘f***, what have I done?’

"Then one day I got a phone call and they said that Towie was trying to get hold of me, and asked if they could forward on my number.

"I said yeah and was hoping that maybe they wanted to bring me on, and it was, they were contacting everyone that didn’t take the part in the first series and asked me if I was interested. I said ‘Hell yes!’”

Chloe is now one of the longest-serving Towie cast members.

The mum-of-one is best known for revealing outfits, dramatic transformations and rocky romances with the likes of Dan Edgar and Pete Wicks.

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