Chloe Ferry concerns fans as she shows off her stomach after two stone weight loss

CHLOE Ferry left her followers feeling concerned after posting a picture of her bare stomach on Instagram.

Chloe, 25, took to her profile on Tuesday to share a snap of herself sat on the edge of bed as she held up her red T-shirt.

Wearing blue boxer shorts, the reality TV star's flat stomach was on full show along with an outline of her ribs.

Chloe captioned the photo: "Barbie tingz 👩🏼," no doubt referring to the slim figure of a Barbie doll.

While many of her fans complimented her and left heart eye emojis on the post, others were not so impressed.

"Such a shame that so many girls look at unrealistic photos like this and wish they were her or like her, it's so sad!" one person commented.

"Hope you would think about what you posting and the message your giving out, with your ribs on show (sic)."

A second person added: "Chloe this picture is a real shame. I think you have forgotten the person you use to be.

"Think of all the young girls that are following you!!"

A third person asked: "Why do you think we would want to see your ribs sticking out. unfollowed."

Chloe has been keeping her fans up-to-date with her weight loss journey over the past few months.

However, last week she admitted that she still "puts herself down" depsite shedding the pounds.

"I've just been scrolling and I've just found some videos and I can't believe the difference of how much weight I've lost," she told her fans on her Instagram Story.

"I was meant to see that today because I still put myself down about my weight, I'm up and down like one minute I feel I look good and the next I don’t.

"I feel like that was meant to happen today to come up on my memories because I’ve seen the comparison to what I look like now to then but yeah, it was meant to happen," Chloe added.

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