'Chicago Fire': Who is New Series Regular Daniel Kyri

As the cast and crew get to work on the upcoming season 9 of Chicago Fire, an announcement was made about one of the characters. Darren Ritter, who is played by Daniel Kyri, has been named a series regular for the new season. Kyri has appeared many times as a rookie firefighter on the series since season 7, and he was so popular that the show’s producers decided to make his character a permanent part of the cast. Who is this handsome actor, and how did he land the part of Ritter?

Who is Daniel Kyri?

As he shared in an interview with Wolf Entertainment, Kyri is a well-rounded artist. He’s a classically trained actor who grew up on the south side of Chicago. He described himself as a creative child who loved reading and was fascinated by Sci-fi and fantasy stories. In fact, he was so taken with books that he wrote his first novel at age 14. As a kid, he also participated in gymnastics, children’s choir, and musical theater. 

When he became a young adult, Kyri’s artistic ways continued, and he and his friends curated art parties in his apartment, with a gallery and interactive art installations. When he was done with school, Kyri moved into stage acting. It was at this point that his life took a turn he might not have expected when he was a shy, artistic teen. 

Darren Ritter on ‘Chicago Fire’

It was 2018, and Kyri was exhausted from playing the part of Hamlet when his agent sent him to audition for a part in One Chicago world. He didn’t think his audition went well, but he must have done better than he’d thought. He soon got word that he was offered a part — and that it might even be a recurring role. 

That role was Darren Ritter, a rookie firefighter who was about to become a part of Firehouse 51. 

According to Deadline, Darren came out as gay during season 7 of Chicago Fire. What would have once been an earthshaking admission on prime-time television was handled in a matter-of-fact way. Nonetheless, it was a momentous event for Kyri, who is gay himself. 

If he was worried about the Chicago Fire viewers would feel about an openly gay fireman, his concerns have been put to rest. It was recently announced that Darren isn’t going to be just a recurring role anymore; he has been added to the cast as a series regular as the show moves into its ninth season. 

Daniel Kyri’s life today

Kyri recently had an interview with the Chicago Tribune, sharing what his world looks like these days. He lives in Chicago with his partner, and his home life sounds as though it’s giving him exactly what he needs.

While he was staying home during quarantine, Kyri spent a lot of time doing things that bring him peace. He’s enjoying meditating, cooking, and writing. He even signed up for an online class about acting with Helen Mirren. He has also been spending time working on scripts for the second season of his web series The T. 

As Chicago Fire gears up to return for Season 9, Kyri is settling into his new position as a series regular. Viewers who have been waiting patiently for the show’s return are looking forward to seeing him and the rest of Firehouse 51 as they get back on the job. And Kyri seems to be glad that he’s found a permanent place among the firefighters and paramedics of Chicago Fire

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