Cheat fans demand second series after cliffhanger ending sees Rose try to commit second murder

CHEAT fans are demanding a second series after the ITV drama left viewers on a cliffhanger.

The season finale has left more unanswered questioned as the final scenes saw Rose's dad William being targeted by creepy porter Ben as he lurked in the woods with a knife.

Rose also sent her sister Leah an ominous letter leaving viewers desperate for more.

But fans of the show will be disappointed as bosses have already ruled out a second series despite the show being a huge hit with viewers.

The writers are adamant they only planned a four part drama – with star of the show Katherine Kelly also dismissing the chance for her character to return.

But viewers rushed to Twitter to demand another series.

I need to know what happens next, does he kill her dad? What does she do when she comes out of prison? Did he actually kill his dog? So many questions that need answering, I'm praying for a second series #Cheat

Is there a faint glimmer of a second series there @MollyWindsor97 ???? #Cheat

What a bloody brilliant superb series #cheat was! Katherine Kelly & Molly Windsor, just amazing! I can see a second series @ITV there as to be more!

What a strange, confusing, and poor ending to a superb series. So wide open that a second series must be in the offing ? #Cheat

Amazing! Plus it’s left wide open for a second series ?????? #Cheat

Looks like there could be a second series ?? #Cheat

A spokeswoman for ITV said: “Cheat was conceived as a self-contained four part drama. There’s been no talk of another season as it was only ever planned as a standalone series.”

Actress Katherine also quashed the idea of a follow-up to the show – hinting there will be no unanswered questions from tonight’s finale.

Speaking about a second series she said: “It’s never even been mentioned.

“As you’ll see on Thursday night, we don’t hold anything back. So it would be the first I’ve ever heard of it.”

In Wednesday’s episode Rose seduced lecturer Adam despite knowing he’s married to her half-sister Leah.

Audiences finally discovered that Rose, played by Molly Windsor, is related to Leah after her father had an affair and kept her existence secret from the rest of his family.

Rose, whose mum committed suicide, sought revenge on Leah after being envious of her carefree upbringing.

It appeared as though Rose was forced to stab Adam to death in an act of self-defence after he wrapped his hands around her throat.

But two years later she confessed to Leah in prison that the killing was murder – she wanted Adam dead.

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