Changing Rooms viewers horrified by paint job that looks like a 'dirty protest'

CHANGING Rooms viewers were left horrified tonight by a mural they claimed looked like a "dirty protest".

Designers Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead used a novel painting technique involving a sweeping brush to leave brown waves up the wall and across the ceiling of their project.

They brought Californian, Kardashian-vibes to Leeds, sprucing up a bland grey and white room.

On seeing her new-look living space, an emotional Amanda said: “Oh my God, it’s not the same house. It’s absolutely beautiful, it’s amazing.”

Her daughter Rachel added: “It’s just what she deserves.”

And Amanda's cats seemed to approve too as they explored the new furniture after the big reveal.

Viewers were also largely happy with it minus the mural.

One wrote on Twitter: "That is a literal s**t stain right up the wall. #ChangingRooms."

Another posted: "It looks like a dirty protest."

A third said: "He’s literally painting a massive skid mark across this room pretending it’s ‘Design’! #changingrooms."

While a fourth asked: "Why that big smear across the wall & ceiling? Looks like a dog has dragged its bum along!"

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