Cat Deeley opens up on Ant and Dec as she says they’re like her ‘brothers’

Cat Deeley spoke about Saturday Night Takeaway and her lasting friendship with Ant and Dec on Lorraine Thursday, and revealed they’re like her "brothers".

The former SMTV Live presenter admitted the trio now also agree that working on the morning programme was "the best time" of their lives.

The 44-year-old mum-of-two has been living in America for the last 14 years and became hugely successful on So You Think You Can Dance, but it was SMTV Live with Ant and Dec that really kickstarted her career.

Lorraine Kelly began by saying she really loved seeing Cat "back with the boys" on Saturday Night Takeaway at the weekend, but admitted they were naughty for their epic prank.

"I’d always said don’t try and trick me with make up or prosthetics because if you do I’ll have to pretend I don’t know you," the host, who was talking via video link from her home, laughed.

"It was great. My kids used to watch you on SMTV Live back in the day… All these celebrities… and then it turned into like Top of the Pops didn’t it?"

Nodding, Cat admitted the three presenters had had a whale of a time on the show and that the usual struggles of a well-oiled live TV show weren’t present.

"There was no autocue or anything," Cat recalled. "We always say it was the best time of our lives, and we didn’t really know it at the time."

Despite the fact many viewers loved the hilarious prank on Saturday, Cat admitted her sons were quite scared and didn’t like it.

Going on to say she had to explain to her boys that Ant and Dec weren’t actually her brothers, the presenter told Lorraine that they were "like" family.

"That was why it worked so well," the Scottish chat show host enthused. "It was a relationship based on solid respect and affection."

"It got to the point [on the show] where we knew we could cope with anything anyone threw at us," Cat continued, fondly remembering her epic experience on the 90s TV favourite.

"By the end of it we were just having so much fun," the star added.

Next week, Cat is filling in for Lorraine while she's on holiday.

The presenter joked to Lorraine she couldn't be "half as good as you", and even admitted she hadn't been properly dressed from "the waist down since god knows when".

Insisting her stand-in will be "brilliant", Lorraine added that Cat's only request for her dressing room in the mornings has been "coffee and bananas", calling her an "easy" host.

Lorraine continues weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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