Carol Kirkwood laughs off awkward BBC moment after Naga Munchetty swipe ‘Wait your turn!’

BBC Breakfast: Naga tells Carol Kirkwood to 'wait your turn'

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The weather presenter was cheekily scolded by Naga Munchetty when she jumped in to inform her BBC Breakfast co-stars she’d been listening to their jokes. Charlie Stayt wanted everyone to hear Mike Bushell’s joke about Carol Kirkwood, who was listening in the background. But when the meteorologist tried to jump in, Naga told her to “wait your turn”.

Charlie asked: “Would you like to repeat your little joke you made a moment ago on your first sight of Carol this morning?”

“Well, I just said I always get misty eyed when I see Carol,” Mike replied. “Because it was misty behind her. In a nice way, you know!”

Naga cut in: “Is there a negative way of being misty eyed over Carol?”

“No!” Mike quickly shut down as Carol chipped in: “I am here chaps!”

Naga laughed: “Oh there she is. We were just talking about you, not to you. You wait your turn.”

Stunned by Naga’s swipe, Carol let out an awkward laugh before the host agreed she could carry on.

“Now’s a good time Carol,” Naga teased as the meteorologist smiled: “Thank you Naga and thank you Mike, big love right back.”

Carol went on to deliver the latest weather report with a smile on her face despite the slightly disappointing forecast.

Later in the programme, Naga scolded Charlie when he tried to force Russell Watson into performing live on BBC Breakfast.

He asked one guest: “Hamish, can I ask you a question, have you ever heard Russell sing?”

“Only on that video,” he replied as Charlie continued: “Would you like to hear Russell sing now?”

Naga scolded: “You do this all the time and everyone who sings hates coming on this sofa because you do this.”

But Charlie ignored his co-host turning to another guest and adding: “Hannah do you want to join in? I don’t want to be exclusive about this. Have we got a duet going on here?”

“You seem like you’re limbering up and you’re ready, are you ready to go?” Naga asked Russell, who offered a hesitant “yeah”.

“You can say no if you want to hold it for the event,” Charlie offered.

But Russell immediately began singing much to the surprise and enjoyment of the hosts.

“You asked,” Russell ended his rendition with as Charlie gasped: “Oh my word,” as the studio erupted in cheers.

“Can I just say Russell, I’m sorry for putting you on the spot but sitting next to you and looking at you, you’ve sung a lot of special events, the passion you have, for young people like Hamish, and you’ve been through this yourself, it’s tangible, I could feel it,” Charlie praised.

BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC One from 6am.

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