Carla's fury at killer Stephen's actions leads to deadly danger in Corrie

Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce), who has recently disposed of his second body on Coronation Street after murdering Teddy Thompkins (Grant Burgin), has proved himself to viewers as a dangerous man who will stop at nothing if someone gets in his way.

And it looks like the next person in his murderous sights could be Carla Connor (Alison King).

Stephen has a plan to get control of Underworld from Carla and he’s putting that into action by trying to set up a big contract behind her back for the new designs that Michael (Ryan Russell) and Sarah (Tina O’Brien) have come up with.

He and Michael meet up with Rufus from Donahues in upcoming episodes and show him the samples they’ve had Beth (Lisa George) working through the night to produce.

When Carla returns unexpectedly Stephen steers Rufus away, later making out that she’s his PA. The meeting is a success and Rufus says he wants exclusive rights to the designs.

He leaves and gets a taxi, which is driven by Peter (Chris Gascoyne) who is interested to hear that Rufus has been at the factory doing a deal with the ‘boss.’ Peter is sure that Carla never mentioned a meeting with Rufus, so when he mentions it later, how will Stephen wriggle out of the situation?

Corrie’s boss Iain MacLeod has spoken of some scary times ahead for Carla, as she and Stephen go head-to-head.

‘Stephen sees his first step back on the ladder to the top of the international rag trade as getting a gig in Underworld and toppling current queen of the pile – Carla,’ he told us.

‘Psychological warfare begins between those two, freighted with knowledge on the viewers part that Stephen’s killed someone, so when Carla belittles Stephen and makes him make the tea, undercutting him in front of the clients, she is unwittingly poking the hornet’s nest.’

He said that what happens next will be completely unexpected – but it sounds quite terrifying.

‘If anyone predicts what Stephen does to Carla, I’ll eat my hat!’ he said. ‘His plan is so out there and dark that I’d be incredibly surprised if anyone spots it coming over the hill.’

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