Cain is confronted by secret brother as the truth comes out tonight in Emmerdale

As you tuck into *another* round of cheese and biscuits, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) has other priorities in Emmerdale. No, we’re not talking about the fact he’s in prison and will probably consume prison gruel for his Boxing Day lunch – we’re talking about the arrival of his secret brother, Caleb (Will Ash).

We thought for a moment that the Dingle numbers were depleting, with Aaron (Danny Miller) fleeing the village, Faith (Sally Dexter) ending her own cancer battle, Liv (Isobel Steel) dying in the storm, and even the last surviving Dingle pig snuffing it (RIP xx).

Newcomer Caleb first made his present known when he contacted Cain out of the blue in prison, but the latest turn of events have seen the two sat in front of each other, staring in a contempt-filled silence until Caleb finally decided to speak. He revealed his shock at learning their mother Faith has just died, given that Cain told him she had passed 30 years prior. Not off to a great start there.

Caleb’s anger and confusion came to the fore as he demanded to know why Cain stripped him of his chance to get to know his family. Cain being Cain did not care about Caleb’s feelings – far too focused on Caleb staying well away from his family.

Caleb owes him nothing and has no intention of doing what Cain demands. Could he be malicious enough to track Chas down and reveal all?

There is a whole, dark backstory to Cain and Caleb, and when Cain steels himself for Moira’s (Natalie J Robb) visit during tonight’s instalment, a flashback to 1991 reveals exactly what happened to the estranged brothers.

With Cain powerless to do anything from behind bars, is Caleb out for revenge for having been ostracised from his family?

And what happened in 1991 that caused the brothers to split up?

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