Bulletproof’s Ashley Walters reveals why Lashana Lynch swerved season 2 after funny joke about Arjana’s ‘transformation’ – The Sun

RISING Hollywood star Lashana Lynch is not coming back to season two of Bulletproof because she is just too busy.

The 32-year-old Londoner was busy shooting the new James Bond film and the second Captain Marvel so couldn't be available for Bulletproof.

Lashana who played Arjana Pike has hit it big in Hollywood and will become the first person of colour to play 007 as she's set to star in the upcoming Bond film, No Time To Die.

Her Bulletproof costars Ashley Walters and Noel Clarke revealed Lashana's rise to Hollywood fame as the reason she's not back on the Sky One drama.

Ashley who plays Arjana's husband told Metro: "She wanted to come back. We wanted her back, but it just didn’t work out with the timings. Obviously she’s doing some major stuff at the moment, so it was as simple as that.

"There was no animosity or whatever, we’re good friends and very supportive of what she’s doing.

Noel added: "She actually tried to make it work between Bond and Captain Marvel and Y [a new FX drama]."

"And there was a moment where it looked like it could all fit. But also, ultimately, because of the trajectory, even if it did fit, what would have been really annoying is having her for season two but not being able to have her for season three.

"Then you’ve got two seasons of having some and it becomes even more tricky."

The actors revealed they were involved in the casting process, but only had one instruction.

Ashley said they told the producers: "Just make sure she’s black."

Newcomer Vanessa Vanderpuye will replace Lashana in the role and Noel admitted they make a funny joke in the show about the character's change in appearance.

He refused to spoil it for the audience, only revealing: "That was a Walters/Clarke creation.

"That wasn’t in the script. We had to say something, we had to address it somehow and make the audience laugh, but at the same time, get over it."

The pair, who play, wacky detective inspectors Aaron Bishop (Clarke) and Ronnie Pike (Walters), revealed they were keen to portray black men in a positive light on screen, saying they were "sick" of seeing the same old characters.

"Shows, predominately shows with people like myself and Ashley, especially two men, don't always get made or we just don't see them," Clarke told Sky News.

"That's what makes Bulletproof so special.

"That's why everyone says 'we haven't seen a show like it'. Well, duh. Because shows like it don't get made. And that's why we're kind of the first people to do that. And that's what makes it special – one of the things that makes this special."

The gritty and intense action coupled with humour wowed viewers in series one and it continues to do so in its second instalment.

Bulletproof series two will air on Sky One tonight (April 3) at 9pm.

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