Brassic's Ryan Sampson reveals Tommo's 'repressed rage' leads to him 'bumping someone off' in season two

BRASSIC'S Ryan Sampson has revealed how Tommo's 'repressed rage' leads to him 'bumping someone off' in season two.

The hit Sky Comedy returned for its second season on Thursday, and once again follows Vinnie and his friends in the northern town of Hawley.

*Spoilers ahead for season two of Brassic*

Ryan's character Tommo is definitely the most kinky of the group – complete with his own sex dungeon – but the actor promises viewers will see a different side to him this time around.

He said: "He’s still into all that kinky s**t! But I’ve brought out this new side of him because when you get with a character like this you can’t just play one side to him.

"What I think emerges this time around is that he’s got this really angry, sort of repressed rage in him that every now and then flashes out a little bit in a kind of hilarious way.

"So, comes out really bad on Carol’s gran, who he ends up bumping off and leaving on the side of the road!"

Despite Tommo's angry streak, Ryan insists Carol's gran's death was an accident.

He added: "He’s not gone all serial killer on you, it’s a bit of an accident! He gets a bit angry and something happens which leads to the death of Carol’s gran!

"I just thought we needed to have this edge to him.

"He’s this really aggressive businessman who will get there at all costs, and if he doesn’t get there, if there’s something in his way, then he’s likely to sort of explode verbally."

Meanwhile, many fans have binged the whole of season two after all the episodes dropped on Thursday, and were full of praise.

One wrote on Twitter: "2 episodes in and I think the new series of #Brassic is even better the first; the 2nd episode is just so dark but hilarious at the same time #Brassic2."

Another added: "Brassic series 2 is even better than the first. Pure TV gold. #Brassic."

A third agreed, writing: "the second episode of #brassic has it all: a musical number, a dead granny, a decapitation & eager beavers. i'm so glad this show is back."

Brassic series one and two are available to watch on Sky Comedy now.

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