Booze-loving Prince Harry gives up alcohol to stay teetotal in 'support' of Meghan during her pregnancy

BOOZE-loving Prince Harry has given up alcohol to stay teetotal to add “support” for his wife Meghan during her pregnancy.

The once hard-partying royal has not touched a drop for three months, which has led to him seeing less of his friends.

Harry, who married Meghan in May, was once renowned for his boozy antics — including being photographed naked in a Las Vegas hotel room during a wild night playing “strip billiards” in 2012.

But a royal source said: “Meghan obviously cannot drink during her pregnancy and Harry wants to be there to support her.

“When they are in London, they have been spending more nights in together as he cannot go out drinking with friends like he used to.”

The couple were last pictured with alcohol when they were seen with glasses of champagne during a visit to Dublin in July.


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Meghan is believed to have found out she was pregnant shortly after the trip. Since they started dating in 2016, Harry has also taken on Meghan’s favourite fitness pastime of yoga.

Speaking in 2015 about her own drinking habits, the Duchess revealed: “Of course, I’m going to have that glass of wine — it’s delicious and I enjoy it.

“Do the things you enjoy within reason. Know your body and what works for you and you’ll be fine.”

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