Blumhouse TV Execs Tease Adapting Blumhouse Features Into Series – ATX

During the ATX Television Festival panel “The House That Horror Built: Inside Blumhouse Television,” Blumhouse TV co-presidents Jeremy Gold and Marci Wiseman as well as Sahar Vahedi, Director of Development and Amanda Spain, Director of Alternative & Non-Scripted took a deep dive into how Jason Blum’s (who made a brief face time appearance from the gym) multi-genre studio continues to bring unsettling everyday stories to television.

On the feature side, Blumhouse is known for creating thrillers and horrors and they look to expand that through different lenses. Wiseman said: “Blumhouse is not just about the monsters under the bed, but to explore things in the world that scare us and keep us up at night.”

Spain adds, “There are social injustices that are happening in the world.” She said that they create projects and stories that make difficult subjects to watch and that hope the masses come out for. They did it with Jordan Peele’s Academy Award-winning Get Out and have taken that to TV.

Blumhouse TV was behind the critically acclaimed adaptation of Sharp Objects (which premiered at ATX Television Festival last year) and the TV adaptation of Blumhouse’s The Purge on USA. Their upcoming Roger Ailes-centered Showtime limited series The Loudest Voice starring Russell Crowe is set to premiere on June 30 and the adaptation of The Good Lord Bird starring Ethan Hawke is set at the premium cabler as well. They also have Into the Dark at Hulu and Sacred Lies on Facebook Watch.

Gold said that as an independent TV studio, it’s incredibly challenging to create projects “We lean on the brand heavily,” he admits. Gold continues to say that even though they have aligned themselves with Showtime, Amazon Studios, Hulu, USA and Facebook Watch, he says that their brand is more meaningful to some more than others. He said that it’s important to expand on the Blumhouse brand and to partner with outlets, streamers and networks that know what Blumhouse is all about.

In addition to The Purge, the panel admitted that they have their eye on a Blumhouse feature that they are looking to create into the series — but they weren’t willing to spill the beans on which film it was. “It’s an origin story that could be a whole world,” teases Wiseman.

Your guess is as good as ours.

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