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Blue Bloods exclusive clip: Christine Ebersole stars as Eddie's mom

Well, they had to meet the parents sooner or later.

In Friday’s episode of Blue Bloods, Tony-winning actress Christine Ebersole guest stars as Lena, mom to Eddie (Vanessa Ray). Eddie decides — begrudgingly — to introduce her to her fiancé, Jamie (Will Estes), over a meal. Safe to say, things don’t immediately go as planned.

“A quarter of a million dollars in tuition and you decided to be a cop,” Lena tells Jamie in an exclusive clip from Friday’s episode, which you can watch above. “It’s too bad doctor and lawyer wasn’t in the blood. Then you two could actually afford a nice lifestyle.”

But the awkwardness doesn’t stop there. In the short time they spend together, Lena also takes issue with Eddie’s nickname — her given name, remember, is Edit — jabbing at her daughter, “So you use a boy’s name and he uses a girl’s name.” (Jamie then clarifies his full given name; rest assured, Lena has a crack for that one, too.)

Elsewhere in Friday’s episode, things get personal for Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) when Luis Delgado (guest star Lou Diamond Phillips), the drug cartel hitman responsible for torching his house, resurfaces, while an attack on an officer in the line of duty directly impacts a member of Frank (Tom Selleck)’s team.

Watch the exclusive clip above. Blue Bloods airs Friday nights at 10pm EST, on CBS.


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