'Big Brother': Why Janelle Pierzina Says Dani Briones Has 'No One to Blame but Herself'

The newest episode of Big Brother 22 showed the triple eviction. Now former houseguests including Janelle Pierzina are weighing in on how it went down. She says Dani Briones has no one to blame because of these moves she previously made. [Warning Spoilers for the Oct. 1 episode!]

‘Big Brother 22’s triple eviction had houseguests turn on each other

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This season had the first ever triple eviction on the main show. The night started off with Kevin Campbell getting evicted. Memphis Garrett then won Head of Household and put Nicole Franzel and David Alexander on the block. David was the second one to go to jury.

Tyler Crispen then won HOH and put Dani and Nicole on the block. Dani was the one to leave the house with the vote of 4-0.

Dani Briones was shocked to go

It was obvious Dani wasn’t happy about the house flipping on her. She explained to Julie Chen Moonves why she didn’t hug Christmas Abbott goodbye.

“Honestly I just don’t really like her,” she said. “Sometimes I like her, but I didn’t talk a lot of game with her. I always felt like she was saying ‘girls, girls, girls’ and I knew that she wasn’t. She played with guys last time and I knew that’s how she wanted to play this time.”

But in the end, Dani felt betrayed by Cody Calafiore. “I’m most hurt by Cody,” she admitted. “I’m shocked! I’m truly shocked that he didn’t vote for me. I call him my ‘BB’ BFF, that’s my boy. We stay up all night almost every night scheming and planning and he knew I would never put him up. I would never nominate him. I’m flabbergasted that he voted to evict me. That genuinely hurts.”

Dani went on to say she believed the house saw her as a bigger threat than Nicole. Fans and veterans of the game reacted to the eviction.

Janelle Pierzina says she has no one else to blame

Janelle hoped to work with Dani earlier in the season. But Dani helped evict her with her alliance hoping to “dethrone” Janelle.

Janelle reacted to her eviction on Twitter. “Dani has no one to blame but herself. She targeted all of the people that would have had her back. Me, Ian [Terry], Bay[leigh Dayton], Kevin, Da’Vonne [Rogers] and Kaysar [Ridha.] She choose to work with Nicole and Cody. Girl Bye #BB22 #BbAllstars,” she tweeted.

However, she was shocked along with many other people that the all stars decided to keep a previous winner in the game. “How can these players call themselves All Stars and not vote out someone who has already won over an effing rookie!?! They should be ashamed of themselves! Especially Enzo [Palumbo.] Dude had one job and he blew it! #BB22#BBAllstars,” she tweeted earlier in the night.

The evicted houseguest doesn’t seem surprised Dani didn’t make it to the end. Fans will have to wait to see how Dani’s vote will be affected after the triple eviction.

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