Bianca Gascoigne ‘refusing to answer calls’ from ex-boyfriend Jamie O’Hara as he tries to apologise for dumping her without telling her to her face – less than a week after leaving CBB

BIANCA Gascoigne is ‘refusing to answer calls’ from ex-boyfriend Jamie O’Hara as he desperately tries to explain to her the pressure from Danielle Lloyd and his family.

The pair split this week—less than seven days after they had left the Celebrity Big Brother house.

An insider explained:  “She is refusing to take his calls at the moment. She feels humiliated.

“It has been a crazy few days and she’s not ready to speak to him yet. He has been texting her trying to explain the situation, but for Bianca it’s all too raw.”

Last night Bianca attended the launch of the Mutant Lounge to mark the launch of LEGION on FOX.

The Sun’ Bizarre column broke the news about Bianca and Jamie’s split yesterday.

An insider said: “They are going to remain firm friends but Jamie needs to spend time with his family first and focus on other things in his life.

“They had a great time in the CBB house but unfortunately it has come to an end.”

She said: “I totally respect his decision, obviously children should always come first.

“It would have been more respectful to hear the news from him first rather than reading about it in the newspapers.”

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And Jamie insisted it was his work commitments and family that had halted the romance.

“She’s a cool girl, a wicked girl,” he told Rinse FM host Stevo.

“I think at the moment we’ll just stay friends, we’re going to hang out. I had a wicked time in house but I’ve got loads on in my personal life – I’ve got my kids, I’ve got lots of work coming up. We’re just going to be friends.”

The news comes after The Sun’s Bizarre column revealed that Jamie enjoyed a string of parties last week without Bianca.

The ex-footballer was out until the early hours on Sunday night with a bevy of women at London club Libertine as Bianca headed to work just minutes away.

He flew to Edinburgh with pal Calum Best on Saturday night while Bianca was meant to attend a PA at Café De Paris which was then cancelled due to poor attendance.

Jamie, who admitted last week he could “fall in love” with Bianca, was last seen kissing her at the CBB final on Friday where all of the show’s stars enjoyed a drink afterwards – but the pair made no effort to see each other since.

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