Below Deck Adventure’s Faye Clark opens up on ‘horrific’ yacht moment

Below Deck Season 10 trailer

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Below Deck Adventure follows the life of the crew onboard Mercury as they cater to guests while sailing across the scenic glacial fjords of Norway. Chief Stewardess Faye Clark reflected on her career as she opened up about a scary experience.

Below Deck Adventure kicked off last month with a new team led by Captain Kerry Titheradge.

For the first time ever, the spin-off swapped the sunny seas for colder climates as they travelled across the Scandanavian waters.

However, much like the Below Deck, the crew were forced to band together and cater to affluent guests while getting to know one another, which often led to clashes.

Leading the team of stews, Faye Clarke was able to ensure guests had entertained and satisfied while navigating the rising pressure of the job.

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The chief stew opened up about her experience on the seas and recalled the “horrific” a yacht caught on fire.

Faye revealed: “One of my boats was on fire, that was probably one of the scariest moments of my life, honestly.

“It was very sad as well to know that so much money goes into a boat.”

She continued: “It’s somebody’s home, something we’ve all worked hard for, and to just watch it burn to the ground and sink, it almost feels like you’ve lost someone.

“I felt like I was in mourning for a month, so that was horrific,” Faye told Daily Star.

Throughout season one Faye found herself in a number of tense situations with her colleagues.

While arranging adventures and dealing with demanding guests, she butted heads with her fellow leader, Bosun Lewis Lupton and a new power struggle became clear.

During episode nine, Faye slammed the bosun when he and the other deckhands wouldn’t help the interior crew with dinner and cleaning the boat.

After a charter wrapped, she also addressed the deckhands’ lack of help at the picnic during her conversation with Captain Kerry.

While Lewis hit back he needed the deckhands Nathan Morely, and Michael Gilman to focus on their duties, especially after Kyle Dickard was let go.

The deckhands were outside deflating a giant iceberg and putting it away which had taken up a majority of their time.

Thankfully, the team were able to get an extra pair of hands with the arrival of Seth Jacobson, who joined Lewis’ team.

Seth quickly caught the attention of the other women including Faye who admired his looks and called him “a real man”.

As the two began flirting, Seth confessed that he also found Faye attractive.

Thankfully for fans, Below Deck Adventure will return to screens on Tuesday and they will soon gain more insight into the complicated dynamics on the yacht.

Below Deck Adventure continues Tuesdays on Bravo in the US and on Hayu in the UK.

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