BBC viewers blast Sally Nugent’s interview with Tory MP ‘Why is she smirking?’

BBC Breakfast: Expert warns Brits must scale back parties

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Health Secretary Sajid Javid has confirmed people who test positive with Covid in England can stop self-isolating up to three days early if they later test negative. Tory MP Gillian Keegan joined Sally Nugent on BBC Breakfast on Wednesday to discuss the change but BBC viewers took to Twitter to blast the MP for “smirking” during the interview. 

@jack006ok tweeted: “Gillian Keegan talked for about 10 minutes but didn’t actually say anything. And what’s with the smirking? #BBCBreakfast.”

Cat added: “Gillian Keegan clearly she needs more media training. Smirking throughout every TV interview doesn’t inspire public confidence. 

“Also, LFTs aren’t available and this change seems convenient when apparently PCR testing is at capacity. #bbcbreakfast.”

“Smiling and smirking does not make her anymore believable.. #BBCBreakfast,” Gary Derrick wrote. 

More to follow…

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