BBC presenter suffers shocking racist abuse outside pub while waiting for his wife on night out | The Sun

A BBC presenter says he was racially abused outside a pub while he was waiting for his wife on a night out.

Radio 5 Live host Nihal Arthanayake, who fronts the station’s afternoon show, got chatting to a “drunk man” in Altrincham, Manchester, where he had been drinking with his wife.

In a shocking video posted on Twitter he said the man asked him if he was a doctor before calling him a p*** and using the n-word.

The presenter shared the video with his Twitter followers, writing: "So, last night this happened to me and I am still trying to process the weirdness of it".

Nihal, 51, explained what happened but didn’t reveal the name of the pub where it happened.

In the video he said: "I don't really know what just happened. I was in a place called Altrincham, which is a bit of a hole.

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“I was outside this pub which I'd been in with my wife, dancing around, jumping around etc. It was fun. Covers band, they were very good.

"I saw this man sitting outside, I was waiting for my wife to come out, so I said 'can I come and sit with you, can we talk?' and he was like 'Yeah, yeah absolutely.' Little, kind of drunk man.

"We got talking and he said 'oh are you a doctor?' So I started laughing because it's a question as an Asian you might get asked. And I went 'Well why would you ask that?'

"And he said 'Well, because you're a p***. And then he went 'oh I guess I can't say p***' then he said the n-word! Then he kind of looked at me and was like 'oh sorry, you're offended aren't you?" And I said 'well why did you say that word?' He said 'I'm sorry I'm a massive….' and used the c-word.

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"I said 'You're not a massive c-word, you're just an average one. Dictators are massive c-words, you're just an average one.' It was so weird.

"But you know when you come to some of these areas, I think there's just some people who still think they can say that word."

Since posting on the social media site, Nihal has been flooded with messages of support.

Poet Lemn Sissay said: "Sorry brother. These invisible guard rails made by the mouth are the last feeble vestiges of the colonial project.

"He is lost, a trapped fox, drunk & lonely, cornered by your kindness, shadow boxing himself, in search of meaning: You are strong. You are the absolute shizzle!"

The Coral’s singer James Skelly said: "That’s horrible. Sorry to hear that happened to you mate."

One Twitter user wrote: "Did u hit 88mph and go back to the future? Sad state of affairs this day and age irrespective of location."

Whilst another Twitter user said: "Awful! We’re going backwards. I despair.”

The Sun Online has contacted the Greater Manchester Police and the BBC for comment.

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