BBC backlash: Viewers infuriated by petrol shortages report ‘Irresponsible!’

BBC Breakfast: Rachel Burden nearly gives out wrong number

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Hundreds of Britons across the country have been rushing to fill their cars up with petrol out of fear fuel stocks may run out. Drivers started to flock to petrol stations on Friday after disruptions were reported to the restocking of petrol due to the ongoing shortage of lorry drivers. BBC Breakfast covered the issue on Monday morning, but viewers have accused the show of “irresponsible reporting”.

Petrol Retailers Association’s Brian Madderson warned BBC Breakfast presenters Dan Walker and Sally Nugent that the industry will not cope if people continue to panic by fuel.

During Monday’s programme, he explained: “This was caused by someone who leaked a piece of confidential information in a cabinet meeting about ten days ago.

“We had problems with HGV shortages, but it wasn’t a critical situation at that time.”

He explained that the news of the leaked documents made people start panic buying petrol within hours.

Reacting to the report, Moreen Macdonell, tweeted: “Please stop labouring the point about fuel shortages? You are responsible for stirring people into a frenzy. There were no issues with widespread garages until your report last week. Please report responsibly. #BBCBreakfast”

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