Bachelor's Rachael Kirkconnell writes 'in the end is you' in cryptic post after bitter second split from Matt James

BACHELOR'S Rachael Kirkconnell wrote "in the end is you" in a cryptic post after her bitter second split from Matt James.

The couple are said to now be “done for good” as he “lied” to Rachael, 24, – who stayed with him in New York City last week while attempting to rekindle their relationship. 

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After Matt, 29, played with Rachael's heart for a second time and was discovered to be talking to other women, the former Bachelor contestant hasn't heard from him since and took to social media to talk about her heartbreak.

The winner of the recent Bachelor season shared a pic of the message that came along with her tea bag, which read: "In the beginning is you, in the middle is you, and in the end is you."

The Sun had exclusively revealed that Matt doesn't really care to make things right with Rachael again.

“Matt hasn’t reached out to her at all. It’s been crickets between them, they aren’t talking,” a source told The Sun. 

As he was attempting to repair his relationship with Rachael, he “lied” about talking to Grace Amerling – who recently came forward exposing her relationship with Matt. 

It was added that Rachael realized she “doesn’t even know Matt” as more of the “truth” comes to light, the informant added.  

“Rachael’s hurt and she’s done. Seems unlikely she will forgive him after this one,” the informant said. 

Last week, Matt was with his ex, Rachael in NYC as they planned to get back together before she left “heartbroken,” a source exclusively told The Sun.

The informant said: "They were getting back together, that’s why she visited him, 100% getting back together. There was no misunderstanding.

"He flew her out, she stayed with him. But once again he played her. And now he’s just deflecting because he got caught talking to other women.”

The insider added: "She’s heartbroken about it.”

Yesterday, Matt’s fling, Grace, claimed he invited her to Florida with him just DAYS before meeting his ex Rachael.

Over the weekend, Matt partied it up at WrestleMania 37 in Tampa Bay despite his recent relationship drama. 

Grace revealed their involvement in an interview with blogger Reality Steve that Matt had asked her to visit him in Miami just two days before he invited Rachael to New York City.

She said Matt texted her "out of the blue," about popping by Miami, but she declined the invitation saying she was tired.

Grace went on: "It just didn't sit right with me. I just felt like Rachael was so in love with him and for him to be trying to contact me and hang out with me.

"Someone he's had past romantic relationships with – two days prior in Miami… I felt like I had to say something for Rachael's sake.”

She added, "Rachael is the real victim here.”

Rachael and Matt's relationship has been dramatic from the start.

While the Georgia native received Matt's final rose on this season’s finale, the duo didn't last long and split a few months later.

Matt told Rachael he could not "imagine his life without” her and even said he knew she was his "future wife and mother of his children” on the finale – which was filmed in November 2020.

However, Matt broke up with her in February after she was accused of racist behavior for attending an Antebellum party in 2018, and "liking" photos of friends posing with Confederate flags.

After the initial split, Rachael apologized numerous times for her past actions and shared resources to help the Black community.

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