Ashley Cain's girlfriend Safiyya reveals baby Azaylia has left hospital after another emergency dash

ASHLEY Cain's girlfriend Safiyaa has revealed baby Azaylia left hospital this afternoon after another emergency blood transfusion.

Eight month old Azaylia was seen holding a teddy bear given to her by ambulance drivers as she waited for transport home with her brave mum.

Safiyyaa kissed her daughter's head as the little fighter clutched the teddy and listened to her mum's uplifting voice telling her, "come on champ".

She told Azaylia, who has only days to live: "We’re going home now princess, come on champ".

Gasping with delight as Azaylia reached out to grab her new teddy, Safiyya said: "Look what the ambulance people gave to you you, they said you’re so brave. Get your arm out, wow, you’ve got your teddy."

The exhausted mum told followers they were allowed to take Azaylia home thanks to another life-extending platelet transfusion, which prevents the tot from bleeding internally.

Turning to her daughter, who has terminal leukaemia, she added: "So we've finally been discharged from hospital again, haven’t we? We got you another platelet transfusion didn’t we? Yes we did."

And despite her family's heartache, Safiyya said: "Another day blessed, to wake up this morning and see your beautiful face".

Azaylia was rushed to hospital again overnight as her heart rate soared.

She was taken to hospital in an ambulance as her rate rose above 200bpm.

The normal heart rate for babies Azaylia's age is between 80 and 160 beats per minute.

The hospital dash came after Azaylia was rushed back to the hospital yesterday again for an emergency transfusion after she started crying blood.

Safiyya shared the shocking news on Instagram in a video of Ashley, 30, cradling their daughter.

She has now been given just days to live as more tumours have formed across her body and in her brain.

They have so far caused her loss of movement in half of her face and also to bruise spontaneously on her legs.

Earlier this month, Ashley and his girlfriend Safiyya, raised over £1.5million to take their sick daughter to Singapore in a last-ditch attempt to save her life – but have since been told the specialists in the country could not help.

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