Ant and Dec text their outrage to Andi Peters after unfortunate Good Morning Britain blunder

ANT and Dec text their outrage to Andi Peters today following an unfortunate Good Morning Britain blunder.

The breakfast show's competition host shared the pair's reaction after Ant McPartlin was unwittingly obscured from the screen during an earlier clip.

Cutting to 49-year-old Andi in his garage full of pop culture memorabilia, the star chuckled as he explained: "I'm in the middle of a text conversation with Ant and Dec because earlier, the framing of my shot…

"If you look down there, I have a picture of PJ and Duncan, Ant and Dec, and look where the logo is? Right over Ant's face!"

While 44-year-old Ant was less amused by the gaffe, his co-star Dec found the whole thing hilarious.

Andi continued: "Dec is like: 'Leave it like that, it's perfect framing!'"

The Good Morning Britain logo was still covering Ant up, so Andi lifted the framed snap to the camera and said: "Ant, just for you."

Back in the main studio, hosts Ranvir Singh and Adil Ray laughed off the blunder, with Ranvir joking: "Because they're not on telly enough, they need more!"

Andi has always been good friends with the Geordie duo – with Andi and Dec previously feigning rivalry as Ant had to tear them apart in a "fight" for a Saturday Night Takeaway sketch.

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