Amy Winehouse left horrified after husband Blake stole cash from Prince's dressing room

AMY was besotted by husband Blake Fielder-Civil – but was horrified when he stole hundreds of pounds from the dressing room of pop legend Prince.

The singer was a fan of the American superstar and she was thrilled when he asked her to perform with him during a gig at London’s O2 in September 2007.

Tyler James said: “I went along. She never left me out and she would say I was a singer too. It was amazing.

"She was in awe of Prince. He took me, her and Blake into his dressing room and told us to make ourselves at home.

“He was wearing a dressing gown and I remember there being more make-up than I’d ever seen in my life. It would have covered the floor in an average double bedroom

“We just chilled out. At one point me, Amy and Prince jammed and sang Purple Rain together.

“Amy instigated it. It was the stuff of dreams, it was amazing. Amy didn’t drink that night as she was excited about singing with him, she respected him and drugs hadn’t taken hold.

“I couldn’t believe he and Amy were the same height, 5ft 3in.”

Tyler added: “Prince let us hang out in his dressing room. There was money laid all over.”

Blake, now 39, was a former video production assistant who Amy had married in Miami in May that year.

In his book Tyler writes: “In the car Blake made a joke about taking the money from the dressing room. It was hundreds of pounds. He’d stolen Prince’s money.

“I was mortified. Amy brushed it off. I knew she knew it was wrong but in front of him she laughed about it, because she felt awkward. I knew she didn’t think it was funny.”

Tyler says now: “Blake wasn’t a bad bloke. I got on with him but he was an addict and people, when they are on heroin, are not at their best.

“Amy got on the phone to Prince and apologised. Prince was furious because a member of his team had been blamed for the theft.

“It wasn’t the money that he cared about, because that was peanuts to Prince and Amy at the time.”

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