Amazon Prime Is Now Streaming So Many Movies That Were Supposed to Be in Theaters

Alert: Amazon Prime is now streaming movies that were supposed to be in theaters.

As you know, we've all had to say goodbye (for now) to many things we collectively enjoy because of the coronavirus pandemic—from group fitness classes to going to dinner and the movies. Thankfully, technology is also on our side, giving Americans stuck at home for an indefinite period of time so many entertainment options. Netflix! Hulu! You name it.

Including, yay!, movies that you'd otherwise have to see at the cinema. The powers-that-be in Hollywood have been adjusting on the fly to a world where theatrical releases can't happen, making several new films available to rent or buy sooner than expected. How do you watch these new movies, you ask? The Amazon Prime Video Cinema hub has launched to help you see all the offerings available. For example, you can rent The Invisible Man, The Hunt, or the latest adaptation of Emma right now for $19.99. (Rentals are available for 48 hours.) Pixar's Onward, Margot Robbie's Birds of Prey, and Ben Affleck's The Way Back are currently available for purchase for $19.99.

This trend is likely to continue throughout the pandemic. According to CNET, NBC Universal announced its movies (like Trolls World Tour) will be released digitally on the same day as their planned global theatrical premiere dates.

While the $19.99 price tag may be steeper than your standard VOD rental, it's not all too different from what you would have paid for a single ticket at movie theaters. Plus, if you have a roommate or are inside with your family, you all get to watch for that single cost.

This period can feel strange and anxiety-inducing—it's something none of us have lived through before. But at least we have a lot of options to distract us by way of movies and TV shows, and that's not nothing.

Happy streaming.

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