Amanda Owen addresses why she would make exit from Ravenseat: ‘It’s a difficult one!’

Amanda Owen reveals how she met husband Clive in 1996

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Amanda, 46, and her husband Clive Owen, 66, have been looking after their livestock and nine children at Ravenseat Farm for years. Although they don’t own the whole estate, the pair have made the place in the countryside their home and it has become the background of their Channel 5 documentary series, Our Yorkshire Farm. However, with the clan getting older by the day, the Shepherdess has spoken out on leaving her home and possibly moving away in an episode of BBC’s The Poet Laureate Has Gone to His Shed.

Poet Simon Armitage, 58, spoke to the mother of nine and asked if she sees herself living at Ravenseat forever.

“Will it be, as people say, your forever home?” he asked, with Amanda replying: “Yes, I feel like I’ve found my sense of belonging.

“It’s a difficult one because a place like Ravenseat, it’s been there for so long and has such history that, yes, you want to put your stamp on it.

“But you also kind of don’t want to put your stamp on it because you really are more of a custodian.

“Hence, I suppose, trying to expand on what we’ve got and make it so there is something I have the deeds too,” she explained.

The mother-of-nine went on to discuss the purchase of another property they have the full deeds to and have been seen renovating in the Channel 5 series.

“Hence us buying the other place which actually belongs to us where our tenant farm is and the farm Ravenseat has been part of a larger estate for five or six hundred years,” Amanda said.

“So there is that sense you’re here and you have the tenancy but it’s not actually yours. I don’t think you’d do anything any differently if it was yours but it still isn’t yours.”

Hinting at an exit and why she would leave, the Shepherdess explained she wasn’t sure if she would stay if the children moved away and didn’t want to be farmers.

It’s a difficult one

Amanda Owen

“I don’t look that far ahead. I say to the children they can be whatever they want to be and go wherever they want to go,” she shared.

“And of course they go through stages where they’re more interested in the countryside and when they’re teenagers, they want to go away.

“It’s instilled into you the type of life you live in the countryside,” Amanda said but it seems she and the family aren’t going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

However, whether Ravenseat stays in the family or not, the Our Yorkshire Farm star has spoken about her children’s reaction to being in front of the camera.

The mother-of-nine said: “The family dynamics are always changing. The kids are always growing up and at certain times, their characters really shine through.

“As I say, they all have their different ideas and their different passions and some of them will play up to the cameras more.

“And their involvement in an episode of the television show is dependent on what’s going on. We don’t know, we don’t know how the episode ends,” Amanda explained.

It’s not yet been confirmed when the next season will air after the most recent was broadcast earlier this year.

Fans should not fear for the show’s future as Channel 5 has struck a two-year deal with the Owen family to keep the show on air.

20 new episodes have been commissioned for the not-so-distant future and the network has released a statement.

Commissioning Editor for Channel 5, Daniel Pearl, said: “Our Yorkshire Farm is such a special programme. It’s more than just a heart-warming documentary, it is a deeper exploration of family bonds, parenting styles and the desire among so many of us to live closer to nature.

“The Owens are a true inspiration and I can’t wait to see what these next two years will bring,” she concluded.

The Poet Laureate Has Gone to His Shed is available to stream on BBC Sounds.

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