Amanda Holden sizzles in leather skirt and knee high boots as she wraps up warm in freezing temperatures

AMANDA Holden sizzled as she turned up for her day in the office wearing a stunning leather skirt and sexy knee high boots.

The Heart Breakfast radio presenter, 49, wrapped up warm as she braved the bitter winds and freezing cold temperatures on her way into work in central London this morning.

As always, Amanda took to Instagram to show off her stylish look and let her followers know exactly where she got her bits and pieces from.

The star protected herself from the artic weather in a stunning Karl Willet leather jacket, a plain black turtle neck and a grey leather skirt from fashion brand Sosandar.

She completed the look with some sexy knee high boots from popular shoe shop Dune, which cost her a staggering £180.

When Amanda finished her 3.5 hour slot on the breakfast show alongside co-host Jamie Theakston, she left the Global building with some classy all-black sunglasses to protect her eyes from the winter sunshine.

Keeping with the colour scheme of her snazzy look, Amanda also donned a£1,750 Burberry bag across her body as she strolled around the capital.

The BGT presenter also took to Instagram to share a hilarious snap of herself in the stunning outfit standing on a sunny beach.

Amanda brought a smile to her everyone's face with the post considering the whole of the UK are currently in their third lockdown – with all of us only being allowed to leave the house for essential journeys and exercise.

She told her 1.6 million followers: "Remember the sky is ALWAYS blue. Clouds are just temporary 💪🏼 Tap for credits."

And many flocked to the comments section to admire her genius editing skills.

One said: "If you can’t make it, fake it eh? ♥️."

A second commented: "It’s a good job you’re not somewhere really tropical in that fab outfit. You’d be a puddle 🤣😘."

A third chimed in: "This just put a smile on my face so thank you ♥️."

A fourth added: "A tad warm in that outfit 😂."

Meanwhile others pointed out her beauty, with one simply saying: "beautiful❤️."

It's pretty clear that Amanda is mentally on a beach somewhere else in the world after she shared an incredible throwback bikini pic just last week.

Alongside the snap she made a hard-hitting point about people pouring into the UK without coronavirus tests.

Many of our favourite celebrities have come under scrutiny in recent weeks after the likes of Chloe Ferry, Josh Ritchie and Amber Gill jetted off to places like Dubai to escape the current coronavirus restrictions in the UK.

However, Amanda made her views on the matter very clear in the caption.

Amanda told fans: "I cancelled my holiday on #BoxingDay .. it was hard. But I was flying with a negative test and everything was in place for a safe holiday with my family.

"WHY THEN , ARE THE UK ONLY JUST making the decision to test for covid for people coming into our country ??

"We’ve all sacrificed so much in different ways .. most of us have been responsible. Had so much good will and respect for each other.

"Joined together and marched on through this .. it’s made me seeth this morning hearing it on the news -the senseless year of neglect of Government rules at our borders.

"Other countries have done it before us. Why has it taken us so long? No one seems to have an answer… or be questioning it?!!

"Surely this could have prevented the increase of the spread?!!! 😡."

She signed off, saying: "#Staysafe and try and keep patient and calm despite the lack of common sense being afforded to us ♥️."

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