A Suitable Boy fans ‘shaken' as character brutally stabbed to death after ‘bombshell’ affair twist

A SUITABLE Boy fans were left “shaken” as one of the main characters was brutally stabbed to death after a “bombshell” affair twist. 

Last night’s penultimate episode of the BBC series saw Tasneem, played by Joyeeta Dutta, revealed as Saeeda's secret daughter and Firoz’s half-sister.

However, it was the second twist of A Suitable Boy that left viewers gobsmacked. 

A confused Maan, played by Ishaan Khattar, misread the tense atmosphere and suspected his pal Firoz, played by Shubham Saraf, of having an affair with Saeeda. 

Overcome with a jealous rage, he stabbed his friend to death before fleeing the scene and leaving a wake of destruction behind him.

Fans flocked to Twitter to share their shock. 

One viewer exclaimed: "OMG, what a bombshell.”

"Shock twist in A Suitable Boy tonight!" added another.

While a third deadpanned: “I am, as the kids say, shook”

“Well that was unexpected 😳,” penned a fourth. 

The six-part series, based on Vikram Seth’s bestseller, takes place in a newly independent India in 1951. 

A sub-plot sees Maan develop a relationship with a courtesan Saeeda Bai, however show producer Andrew Davies has confirmed that there are undertones of a gay romance between Maan and BFF Firoz.

Speaking about Maan and Firoz’s relationship, Andrew explained: “I think if you read the book again, it’s [their relationship] very subtly indicated.

“I think Maan and Firoz have a delightful romantic friendship which at times has become physical, I think they’re both on that great scale of which we’re all on from all out gay to all out hetero.

“They’re both slightly towards the hetero end of it but they have a delightful relationship. Sometimes I think it is classed as physical and certainly, I’ve been indicating that.”

A Suitable Boy concludes tonight, Monday August 24, at 9pm on BBC One.

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