A Place in the Sun fans fuming as guest makes cheeky ‘verbal’ offer on house

A Place in the Sun fans were left flabbergasted after a couple made a cheeky 'verbal offer' on their potential new home.

Linda and Peter – a retired NHS theatre nurse and her painter and decorator partner – enlisted the help of property expert Jean Johansson to find a new home in the countryside of Abruzzo in Italy.

The couple looked around five properties with hopes of finding somewhere to spend half of their year.

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Luckily, only wanted one bedroom and a little bit of outside space.

However, the Channel 4 host still faced a "challenge" because of the couple's budget of £60,000 – which was the lowest she had ever worked with.

Linda said: "We are just wondering what you're going to come up with cause our budget's not a very big one."

Jean replied: "I am glad you have brought that up Linda. I mean I have to say, I've never worked with a budget of £60,000, so it's going to be a challenge for me."

Peter then went on to add that the couple would actually be able to stretch their budget up to £70,000 or even £80,000 if it was for the perfect property.

Their search started off well, with a three-bedroom townhouse on the market for £63,000. It provided plenty of outdoor space with three balconies and a large roof terrace with panoramic views.

Inside it had an open-plan kitchen diner, two living areas, three double bedrooms, two bathrooms and a basement.

Linda instantly fell in love with the property, as she said: "It's beautiful. It's a lot of house for the money."

She added: "It's everything we asked for really, apart from a garden." But after viewing the other four properties, the first home stuck in the buyers' minds.

Peter and Linda went on to decide that the townhouse was the home for them but said they wanted to make a 'verbal offer' of just £57,000 – which was declined.

Twitter users were left stunned at the comment claiming the buyers were 'playing games' with the estate agent.

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One user said: "This is a bit like a tooth extraction with no pain relief!"

Another wrote: "What's he on about 'verbally?' Is he just playing games?"

A third commented: "Peter is not going to be handing over any money, not a chance in hell."

"Verbal offer? He's not parting with his money," a fourth added.

A fifth said: "Making a verbal offer? i'm guessing Peter hasn't seen the show before"

However, all ended well for the couple as they made a counteroffer of £58,588, which was accepted.


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