A-list celebs look VERY different in cringe-worthy adverts before they were famous – can you guess who they are?

EVEN the biggest film and TV stars in the world need to start somewhere – as these cringe-worthy adverts show.

This week, Game of Thrones fans were left stunned by the sight of a young, clean-shaven Rory McCann – best known as grizzled warrior The Hound – showing off his hunky physique in an old commercial.

The Glaswegian, 52, was strikingly beardless for the Scott's Porridge Oats advert in the late 1990s.

It appears the dodgy advert is a rite of passage for A-list actors across the globe, with many looking unrecognisable after making their name.

We've collected the best of the worst to see if you can spot the famous face.

SAS Airlines, 1998

This Hollywood hunk started out encouraging people to book their holidays by flying on SAS Airlines.

The bizarre ad sees him wake up in a random woman's bed next to a teddy bear before heading to raid her fridge while naked.

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He turns around to see an older woman watching him, along with the strapline "when you'd rather be somewhere else. Inexpensive flights for people under 26".

It seemed to get him prepared for a career playing men who appear in various states of undress.

The X Factor commercial, 2013

This singer is now one of the most famous faces on the planet thanks to her smash hits.

She first showed off her vocal cords by singing in a garden while taking down washing in a commercial for The X Factor.

It hilariously shows people singing along to her tune on a bus – something which is now an everyday occurrence for the star.

Simon Cowell will certainly wish he'd snapped her up!

Coca Cola, 1994

We know this actor now as a hardman on telly, but it wasn't always that way.

The soap star started out as a teen grumpy, sulking because his mum had bought a fake version of Coke.

He claims the knock-off tastes like "chicken" in the 30-second commercial.

But the minute he opens his mouth, you can't mistake the actor for anyone else.

Fruit 'n' Fibre, 1989

You might not recognise this presenter without a bulletproof vest on.

His career started with a very different vibe thanks to this upbeat Fruit 'n' Fibre advert.

The actor semi-sings as he boasts about how good the cereal is while larking about on a golf course.

Irish Foodboard, 2002

This hunk is known for steaming up the Cornish coastline, but before then he was lending his smoulder to some eggs.

His first performance sees him sizing up potential dates in a supermarket before catching a packet of eggs and finding the one.

The ad, made for the Irish Foodboard, encourages shoppers to look for the quality assurance branding on their eggs.

I guess we all have to start somewhere.

The AA, 2004

This actress is basically royalty now thanks to a slew of big telly roles and a major one on Netflix.

But before she had staff to drive her around, she was boosting the profile of The AA as Bev.

In the bizarre advert, which saw the star play two versions of the same character, she promoted the loans service offered by the insurance firm.

Bachelor's Super Noodles, 1999

Since starting out in a commercial, this actor has gone on to play a famous hobbit with a passion for food and even been the sidekick to a PI.

The advert sees him as a man ignoring his partner, while eating noodles, as she witters on at him about a friend.

He then wipes his mouth on his partner's shirt, before realising and framing the baby.

Who knew being a bad dad would have set him up for such a long career.

Anti-smoking ad, 1987

He may have become one of the most famous doctors on the planet and fought aliens – but first, he took on the smoking industry.

This actor then went on to star in the Harry Potter franchise before heading into more serious territory including Broadchurch.

Since then he married the daughter of a Doctor Who actor, with whom he has five kids.


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