5 Marvel and DC superheroes who aren't as effective as you think

Is there anything superheroes can’t do? Well, we all have an off day occasionally so it seems true to life that even superheroes might not always be as effective or good as you think they are. Here are five times superheroes sucked in Marvel and DC movies.

1. Thor

There’s so much to like about Thor: Ragnarok. But the running gag that sees him pacified by a stun device doesn’t make any sense. This dude can literally roll electricity through his body! So much for the God of Thunder.

2. Aquaman

Seriously, dude, you had one job! You’d think the man who has ‘Aqua’ as part of his name would be able to roll the water back when it traps the team in Justice League, but all he can do is delay it, making their escape much more perilous than it should be. Wet blanket, more like.

3. Iron Man

Behind every metal clad man there’s a more brilliant woman. Tony Stark may be one of Marvel’s most capable heroes, but it’s Pepper Potts who kills both Iron Monger and Aldrich Killian in the first and third films, while he needs the help of War Machine to take down the big bad in Iron Man 2! To the scrapheap with you.

4. Batman

Batman and Bane are practically opposites: Bane uses his brute strength, while Batman relies on cunning, tactics and expensive gadgets. Bruce Wayne should hit Bane with those wonderful toys in the same way James Bond out-gadgets his enemies, because deciding to trade blows with this powerful enemy is really bad for your back.

5. Hulk

“We have a Hulk,” Loki says at the start of Infinity War, cleverly echoing the line Tony Stark said to him in the first Avengers movie. No, you don’t. When Thanos easily defeats him on board the Asgardian refugee ship, Banner’s alter ego goes into a Hulk sulk and refuses to come out to play, no matter what the danger. Make the effort, green guy.

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