1000lb Best Friends star made to step on urine pads while pal pees in bathtub

1000-Lb Best Friends viewers were gobsmacked to see one of the show’s stars urinating in the bathtub right in front of her friend.

A scene from the show saw regular star Meghan sat next to her boyfriend before she complained that Tina was "going to kill her" for barging in while she used the toilet.

Meghan complained that she "couldn’t hold it in" much longer and walked in while Tina was urinating.

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Before Meghan could explain herself, Tina asked "what was with the pee pads on the floor".

Meghan told her pal that it was "for the men" who "miss the toilet," so she "had to line the toilet with pee pads" as she was "tired of stepping in urine".

A horrified Tina asked whether she was "stepping in urine" while on the toilet, to which Meghan simply laughed and began to take her trousers off.

She then pulled the shower curtain back and clambered into the bath before the camera cut to Tina as she spoke to the camera.

Tina sarcastically quipped: "Oh yeah. This is really funny. I have zero privacy and not an ounce of dignity left, but Meghan’s just laughing it up."

The camera cut back to Meghan, who was bent over with her skirt up in the air as she let loose in the bathtub.

She could be heard asking Tina "not to hate her for this" as she peed while her friend questioned "what had become of her life".

Fans flocked to the comments on TLC's Instagram to share their thoughts on the TMI situation.

One wrote: "That is wrong of Meghan to do that. Tina has been nice enough to open her home to Meghan and her boyfriend and they disrespect Tina in so many different ways. If I were Tina, after she [went to] the bathroom in my shower they would have been finding new places to live. That would have been the final straw!"

Another chimed in: "Meghan acts worse than a teenager. Wow, grow up!"

A third fan also added: "Meghan and her boyfriend are users. Too lazy to get their own place."

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