10 ‘Outlander’ Sex Scenes So Good You’ll Sweat Just Thinking About Them

Let’s be honest: The best part of Outlander is the sex. The love scenes on this hit Starz series are some of the best on TV, and there are several reasons. For one, there’s the way in which these scenes are framed: They’re completely dictated by Caitriona Balfe’s character, Claire. The sex is seen through her eyes, which makes it pretty damn empowering, not to mention saucy and sweaty and primal and just amazing. It doesn’t hurt that the two actors doing the most boning—Balfe and Sam Heughan—are insanely good looking, either. And these 10 scenes, below, are the hottest of the bunch. Grab a glass of water before reading. You’ll need it.

Season one, episode 11: Jamie gets handsy.

Claire doesn’t waste any time telling Jamie that she’s a time traveler, and his reaction to the news is incredible: He brings Claire to orgasm by using his hands. “I want to watch you,” Jamie says to Claire seconds before she climaxes. Damn.

Season two, episode four: In Paris, with blue light.

The context here is what makes this scene so significant. Remember, Jamie was so traumatized from being raped by Jack Randall that he couldn’t sleep with Claire without picturing him. It’s in this moment, though—after several months in Paris—that they reconnect for real. It’s glorious.

Season one, episode one: Frank gets on his knees.

Yes, Frank and Claire have sexy scenes too. Exhibit A: This moment from the pilot, where Claire gets Frank to go down on her outside while they’re exploring the Scottish ruins. What an amazing detour.

Season one, episode one: Claire and Frank’s second honeymoon.

It’s the first sex scene in Outlander—ever—and it’s an important one. This moment explains just how integral sex is to this series: It’s used as a communication tool more than anything. Claire and Frank’s bone session here is smoldering, but it’s also the primary way they’ve connected since Frank’s return from war. She says this in her voice-over.

Season one, episode seven: Claire and Jamie’s first time.

This happens at the top of their wedding night. Granted, it’s not that great—Jamie’s a little rusty—but its significance earns it a spot on this list. After all, it’s the gateway sex for the amazing orgasms to come.

Season two, episode eight: A makeout session that’s hotter than sex.

Jamie and Claire don’t even take their clothes off here, but they still give me heart palpitations. Seriously, who in real life kisses like this? They’re just so into it—like horny 16-year-olds on prom night. I’ll die happy if I can have just one make-out session this explosive.

Season one, episode nine: Claire punishes Jamie.

This moment starts out uncomfortable: Jamie thinks it’s a good idea to spank Claire as punishment for her getting caught by the British. She pushes back, of course, but then shows Jamie she’s cool with rough sex if it’s consensual. That’s when the heat turns up. “Raise your hand to me again, James Fraser, and I will cut your heart out,” Claire says during their rendezvous.

Season one, episode 10: Knock-knock.

We’ve all been there, right? Your partner’s going down on you, but then a nosy laird starts tapping at the door. Mere mortals would be startled by this, but not Jamie. Nope, he keeps going—even when the knocking intensifies—and gets Claire to climax. Whoever’s outside can wait, damn it!

Season one, episode eight: Jamie and Claire bang outside.

Do we need to explain this further? They’re outside! Everyone knows sex in the grass is better than sex in the bed.

Season one, episode seven (part two): Jamie and Claire’s wedding night gets steamy.

Their wedding night started off slow, but by round three they’re off to the races. The foreplay in this scene is arguably better than the actual sex: Claire has Jamie strip for her. The vibe is electric by the time they make it to the actual bed.

So did this headline lie? Are you not feeling things? Maybe this final nugget will do the trick: Here’s a super-cut of these scenes. You can thank me later.


Here’s hoping Outlander season five has more sex scenes like this when it premieres Sunday, February 16 on Starz.

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