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You can hire a whole Ryanair plane from £4,417 an hour for a private jet experience – but would you pay?

The airline will let out one of its planes, carrying up to 60 people, for the sum of £4,417 an hour.

While that’s not as cheap as some of the budget airline’s best fares, it works out at £73 per person, per hour if the plane is full.

Plus passengers will at least get the cost of their baggage and seat selection included in the price.

They will also get 48-inch reclining leather seats to relax in for their journey.

The package is aimed at business travellers and is on one of the airline’s customised 737-700 planes.

Its website states that the planes are “ideal for sports team, corporates, private or group travel”.

Inside the aircraft are customised by the airline and its website states that they offer “luxury and comfort”.

But with that, customers will also get that “world renowned Ryanair branding on the outside” of the plane.

There’s a cabin crew on board the plane for at-your-seat service – and yes, food is served up that’s slightly more sophisticated than your usual choice of a can of Pringles or a toasted sandwich.

Although this isn’t included in the price of passengers’ seats – they will have to pay extra, much like a normal Ryanair service.

The airline’s Gold dining package includes “complimentary” alcoholic drinks, “delicious hot dishes” and fresh fruit and snacks at your seat from €45 (£39) per passenger.

There’s also a Silver package that’s made up of hot and cold dishes such as “gourmet sandwiches” and “complimentary” drinks – but not spirits, from €25 (£21) per passenger.

If it’s the Bronze package that’s plumped for then customers will get a “variety of hot beverages and tasty snacks”, but will have to pay extra if they want some booze.

The planes have a “medium to long range”, which means that they can fly up to six hours.

That means you could head off to Egypt, Cyprus, the Canary Islands or even the Gambia in West Africa on one of the jets.

Ryanair’s Robin Kiely said: “We are pleased to announce that our B737 corporate jet is again available for the winter season."


He continued: “It has enjoyed great demand since we first launched it in February 2016, as it seats up to 60 passengers, in business class, reclining, leather seats and is crewed by Ryanair’s industry leading pilot and cabin crew professionals.

“In this past year, the Ryanair corporate jet was booked by many prestigious clients from Champions League soccer teams to world famous pop stars, who enjoyed an unbeatable Ryanair corporate jet service and excellent rates.”

Sun Online Travel previously revealed that Fly BMI also let you hire out a whole aircraft for the day, which can be flown to Ibiza – and customised.

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