Woman reveals embarrassing reason her passport nearly got her banned from her flight | The Sun

A WOMAN revealed how she was nearly banned from her flight – for a very embarrassing reason.

Passenger Alisha Marie, from LA, was attempting to board her flight in Istanbul with a friend.

However, she said her passport nearly stopped her from boarding – because staff didn't believe it was her in the picture.

She warned that people should never take "hot photos" for their passports as it risks them not being recognised.

She explained on TikTok: "They almost didn't let me on my flight.

"Because they said I don't look like my passport.

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"This is why you should never do hot photos for your passports because I don't look like this."

She added in the comments. "I've never been so humbled in my life."

Thousands of people watched Alisha's video, with many saying this is why they never took nice pictures of themselves for their passports.

One woman wrote: "Definitely do not need glam for my passport photo because I always look like hot garbage when travelling."

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Many people said they had similar problems after taking nice passport photosCredit: Alisha

Another said: "This is why I dress down for passport or ID pictures."

Others shared their own stories of people having problems with "hot" passport photos.

Another person commented: "I was on a bus with a girl on the Laos border who wasn't allowed to cross because she did glam for her passport photo."

Someone else added: "Happened to me in France."

People on TikTok have recently been sharing how to take better photos for passports.

TikToker Gabrielle shared her extensive make up routine before getting her passport photos done – although people warned her she could also have problems at the airport.

And earlier this year, an actress said she was stopped from entering a country because her face looked so different from her passport photo without makeup.

Here are some other ways your passport photo could cause problems.

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