Will we be able to travel this Christmas?

FAMILIES are fearing for their Christmas holidays as the UK is plunged into a second lockdown.

Here is everything you need to know about travelling during the festive season.

When is the current lockdown ending?

The UK's lockdown, starting from today, hopes to end by December 2.

Depending on if cases drop or continue to climb, this could be extended.

The current rules do not allow any non-essential travel, which includes both domestic holidays and holidays abroad.

Will I be able to travel in the UK at Christmas?

It is hoped that the lockdown will have ended by early December, allowing families to travel in the UK by Christmas.

However, this hasn't been confirmed.

Environment Secretary George Eustice said it was "too early to say" what the rules would be for Christmas and warned people "may not be able to get together in the larger groups that they normally would".

Despite this, Home Secretary Priti Patel said police "won't break up Christmas gatherings".

Depending on the region, you may only be able to visit or go on holiday with your household.

Previously, tier 3 regions were not allowed to travel at all, while tier 2 were allowed to go on holiday within their own household.

Tier 1 regions could travel with friends or families outside of their bubble.

This may mean you are not able to see extended family at Christmas, depending on where you are in the country, if large groups are still banned.

Will I be able to travel abroad at Christmas?

Again,it is too early to say if holidays abroad will be able to go ahead by Christmas.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the current lockdown hopes to "get the country going again" ahead of the festive season but only if the R rate goes down.

If Brits can go abroad, they are still limited on where they can visit without having to quarantine.

The Canary Islands are open to Brits, but require a negative coronavirus test from November 14, while the Maldives is also welcoming UK arrivals with a negative PCR test.

Last month, there was a surge in UK staycation bookings for Christmas.

However, breaking the travel rules during lockdown will result in £200 fines.

Constant rule breakers could be fined up to £6,400.

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