What are immunity passports and how would the certificates work? – The Sun

But how would the passports work? Here's everything you need to know.

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What are immunity passports?

Immunity passports are documents that would signify if you have had and recovered from coronavirus.

It's thought they'd be handed to Brits with antibodies, who would have to carry them around when they left the house.

Matt Hancock has described them as "systems of certification," adding they're being worked on in Government to allow immune people more freedom and return to work, The Times reports.

Hancock stressed that the results of whether people develop immunity, and how long it lasts, was still emerging.

How would the certificates work?

Experts said it could help save the British summer by allowing people to instantly show they are infection free before and after they travel.

It's suggested Brit's who are "immune" could then be freed up from social distancing rules.

It's not yet totally clear how they would work, but the Government is expected to released more information on them soon.

What has Priti Patel said?

Brits could be handed Covid-19 “immunity passports” to jet off around the world quarantine free, the Home Secretary revealed.

Priti Patel confirmed that the certificate was one of a number of policies being explored to end the 14 day quarantine regulations.

Speaking to MPs in the Commons, Ms Patel said she was “working across government” to introduce new measures that could replace quarantine.

She said “air bridges, fast testing, immunity passport, how we can digitalise the response at the border” were all being examined.

A Whitehall source told The Sun: “Immunity passports are just one of the policies we are looking at.

“So elements of immunity would come under parts of what the Home Secretary said last week and the policy is still at a very early stage and is being led outside the Home Office.

“We are thinking it will be like when you have yellow fever jabs – that sort of stuff – but we can only do it when the science says it’s right.”

However, the health secretary did stress experts were "not yet in a position to say those who test positive are immune" to getting the virus again.

It could be months before experts know whether having the virus makes you immune.

The Government will ramp up antibody tests in the meantime in a bid to roll them out to the nation and discover the true spread of the disease.

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