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A VIDEO has revealed why passengers are more likely to get sick when travelling on planes.

People often feel unwell after getting off a flight, after being crammed into a metal tube with a load of strangers.

However, a video has shown why you're more likely to become unwell during a plane journey than in normal situations.

The simulation, created by Purdue University in Indiana reveals how a sneeze travels within the cabin of a plane, and who is most likely to be at risk of catching the germs.

It shows how tiny saliva droplets from one cough or sneeze can propel germs throughout the plane.

The ten people sitting closest to the infected person are most at risk because of their proximity and how the germs spread within the cabin of the plane.

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The video, shared on Youtube by Ansys simulation, who created the video for the university, has been seen almost half a million times since it was released in 2014.

It's fair to say some people were pretty grossed out by what they had seen.

One wrote: "Flying will never be the same."

Another said: "Stewardesses point to the emergency exits, show how to put on a life jacket etc, why don't they advise people to sneeze in a throwaway hankie. It's ALWAYS bothered me!"

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However, passengers might not be as at risk of illness on flights as the video first makes out.

A flight attendant revealed to Sun Online Travel that the air on the plane is much cleaner than some people think.

They said: "The air is recycled. The air in the cabin comes from outside to the inside back outside again.

"It's fresh air and coming through the plane, so it keeps it fresh, otherwise I think diseases would spread a lot more than they do."

There are certain spots on board the plane that are considered to be dirtier than others.

They include the tray tables, the plane toilets and the airport security trays.

Meanwhile, a flight attendant revealed why the seat pocket on a plane is also a hotbed for germs and bacteria.

And this passenger was slammed for cleaning her seat during a flight.

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