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A HOLIDAYMAKER has labelled fellow hotel guests "absolute crackpots" as they recorded them battling for sun loungers in Tenerife.

Stephen Reilly filmed the morning rush as hotel guests fought to get the best spot by the side of the pool, by putting their towels down to reserve the sunbeds.

The footage shows tourists running with towels, even overtaking one another, in order to try and beat them to the best loungers.

Stephen put Benny Hill's yakety sax song over the top of the video to add an extra comical element, which he then shared on TikTok with the caption: "Absolute crackpots knocking each other over to get a sun lounger".

Fortunately for the people in the video, Stephen turned comments off, preventing others from passing their judgement on them.

However, these sunbed scrambles have been a common site at resorts across Europe this summer.

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Another holidaymaker recently tried to shame sunbed hoggers by filming them laying out towels at a hotel first thing in the morning.

The footage shows how almost every bed in the resort has been covered with a towel, as eager sunbathers mark their territory before the pool becomes too busy.

The video, shared on Tiktok by user Daxi sparked debate about which nations are the worst offenders when it comes to sunbed hogging.

A German commenter wrote: "I’m German and live in the U.K. On my last holiday to Greece it was the English that had the towels out before 6 am."

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The video showed tourists battling for sunloungers at a resort in TenerifeCredit: Tiktok/stephenreilly24

Meanwhile, someone else said it was French holidaymakers who were the biggest hoggers, writing: "The French were up at 5am on my holiday I couldn't believe my eyes."

But one Brit admitted that we are just as bad as anyone else when it comes to sunbed hogging.

They said: "I’m at an English hotel in Spain and can confirm it’s us Brits. Lots of towels and no Germans."

The battle for hotel sunbeds is a well documented scrap and has been happening for years.

Some hotels have their own ways of dealing with it, like throwing towels off the beds if no one uses them for a certain amount of time.

Others have forced tourists to pre-book the beds, to prevent people from reserving them with towels, despite not wanting to use them until later.

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