Warning to passengers as UK airports confiscate lipsticks over little-known rule | The Sun

HOLIDAYMAKERS who travel lightly have been warned of confusing rules which have left people out of pocket.

A woman recently slammed Heathrow Airport after they claimed her lipsticks were classed as a liquid.

Traveller Shadia was travelling through the airport when she arrived at airport security, who told her to put the lipsticks in the clear liquids bag.

However, she said she was left "speechless" when she was that they were liquids and she had too many – so they had to be put to the side.

She said in a TikTok video: "'I told her, ''This is lipstick not liquid'.

"But she was like, ''Our policy says it is liquid''."

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Shadia said they initially wanted to take her perfume and face wash, which cost around £250, before saying the lipsticks wouldn't fit instead.

The three Estee Lauder lipsticks cost around £90 she said – which weren't thrown away, but put to the side of security.

People commenting on her video were horrified, with one person saying: "I'm honestly fuming for you."

The Heathrow website currently states: "Not considered a liquid: solid lipstick."

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A spokesperson said: "Our security colleagues are trained to apply the standards set down by the DfT for all UK airports on what items can and can’t be taken airside.

"Any items that are confiscated are safely disposed of."

However, other airports currently class lipsticks as a liquid, such as Birmingham Airport.

Thankfully this won't matter by the end of next year.

Airports in the UK are ditching the ban on liquids over 100ml by 2024.

Luggage will pass through special CT scanners allowing airport security to inspect bags from a 3D image, rather than the current 2D images.

Not only will the 100ml liquid rule no longer be in place, but laptops will be able to stay in hand luggage as well.

London City Airport scrapped the 100ml rule back in April, following Teesside Airport.

Restrictions on liquids were introduced in 2006 after a thwarted terror attack using liquid explosives at Heathrow Airport.

However, Brits will still need to check the rules of the destination they are travelling to – or risk having to throw them on their return.

And a flight attendant has revealed a sneaky way to get around the 100ml rule.

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