TSA Bans Disney Star Wars ‘Thermal Detonator’ Coke Products On All Flights

If you’re a Star Wars fan and recently visited the new Galaxy’s Edge theme park in one of the Disney Parks, buying a replica ‘thermal detonator’ means a problem trying to fly home.

Essentially, fans of the hugely-popular Star Wars brand that love to collect Star Wars collectibles will have to find a way, other than flying, to get their new unique bottles of ‘the real thing’ as souvenirs from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios home and into their collection.

The Transportation Security Administration has banned the “thermal detonator” Coca-Cola bottles from checked and carry-on luggage on U.S. flights. This is because there is a concern that someone might mistake the replicas for real explosives.

TSA confirmed the ruling for all U.S. flights when TSA spokesperson Jim Gregory said,  “Replica items are not allowed on aircraft.” He added, “:The Galaxy’s Edge Coke bottles could cause confusion for TSA screeners at airport security checkpoints.

While most people would understand these are not actually explosives but Star Wars items, the Coca-Cola bottles sold in Galaxy’s Edge, might look like palm-sized thermal detonator grenades to the untrained non-Star Wars fanboy eyes. With with logos rendered in the Aurebesh language used throughout the galaxy far, far away, that probably adds to the issue.

What This Means

Sorry Star Wars fans. If you want these very cool collectible items, you’re going to need to either drive home, find a way to ship them or wait it out until TSA changes their ruling on such items.

There is no word on whether or not Disney has any plans to stop selling the collectibles as a result of the TSA decision.

If there’s good news here, it’s that TSA permits the hand-built lightsabers and astromech droids sold in Galaxy’s Edge in carry-on and checked bags, Popsugar reported.

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