The world's best beaches for nude sunbathing, from Florida to Spain

A bucket list for beach bums! The world’s best beaches for nude sunbathing laid bare – a Florida hotspot is No.1, followed by stretches of sand in Brazil and Santorini

  • The ranking is based on an analysis of review data of beaches around the world that permit nude sunbathing
  • The study has also found that Australia is the nation that’s most keen on visiting nudity-friendly beaches
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The world’s best nude-friendly beaches have been revealed – and it’s Haulover Beach Park in Florida that’s number one.

The silver medal, meanwhile, goes to Brazil’s Praia de Tambaba, while third place is taken by Red Beach on the Greek island of Santorini.

The ranking is based on new research compiled by lingerie brand Pour Moi. Review data of hundreds of beaches around the world that permit nude sunbathing was analysed to create an index score out of 100 based on average review scores and the number of reviews each beach has received.

Spain and Greece are among the best countries to visit if you want to try nude sunbathing – the former has four beaches in the top 20 ranking, while the latter has three. Unexpected destinations for nude sunbathing on the list include a beach in Latvia and Hanlan’s Point Beach in Toronto (joint 14th) – where the winters are fierce.

The study also examined the nationalities that are most keen to sunbathe in the nude, using Google search data to discover how frequently countries are searching for information on nudity-friendly beaches and cross-referencing this data with corresponding population sizes. It’s been revealed that Australians are most keen to ditch their swimsuits on the beach, followed by New Zealanders (second), the Dutch (third), Canadians (fourth) and the Irish (fifth). Americans (sixth) and Britons (eighth) also make it into the top ten.

Pour Moi says: ‘Nude beaches can provide the opportunity for some much-needed peace and privacy compared to potentially crowded mainstream sites.’ Scroll down to see the world’s top nudity-friendly beaches laid bare…

NO.1 – HAULOVER BEACH PARK, MIAMI, FLORIDA: ‘Located in the USA’s sunshine state, Haulover Beach Park in Florida is a long-established clothing-optional beach,’ says Pour Moi. The ‘calming blue waters, soft waves and white sand’ of the beach, which comes top with a score of 97 out of 100, are said to ‘feel great on your skin as you sunbathe or go for a light swim in the nude’. And bathers won’t go hungry. Pour Moi reveals: ‘The Haulover Beach Park comes complete with a range of food trucks offering a variety of tasty lunch options for when you need a break from relaxing in the buff’

NO.2 – PRAIA DE TAMBABA, PARAIBA, BRAZIL: Praia de Tambaba, a beach that offers ‘privacy, peace and seclusion’, takes the silver medal with a score of 76 out of 100. Pour Moi reveals: ‘Perfect for those new to nude sunbathing, the beach is located a little off the beaten track and features a backdrop of stunning greenery and cascading rock formations that act as a nice barrier if you’re a little shy about stripping off for the first time.’ The brand adds that ‘the beach is said to feature a host of friendly locals who will be sure to ease any anxieties you have about making your nude debut’

NO.3 – RED BEACH, SANTORINI, GREECE: ‘Are you a fan of otherworldly landscapes acting as a backdrop while you top up your tan? If that’s the case then Greece’s Red Beach is a must-visit.’ So declares Pour Moi of this stretch of sand, which receives a score of 70 out of 100 on the index. The fashion retailer continues: ‘The surreal red lava rocks famously stand tall around the beach, offering some much-needed seclusion for those going topless or fully nude. Food options are available at the top of the beach where you can indulge in some lunch while you momentarily press pause on tanning’

NO.4 – PATARA BEACH, ANTALYA PROVINCE, TURKEY: Turkey’s Patara Beach, which snaps up a score of 69 out of 100, is a ‘great beach for many reasons’, according to Pour Moi. It explains: ‘It sits along the stunning Turkish Riviera and stretches a massive 12 miles (19km), so there’s ample space to find somewhere private to remove your clothes and get in some much-needed “me time” as you soak up the sun and enjoy the crystal blue waters.’ While you’re there, keep your eyes peeled for nesting sea turtles – the beach is a protected area for the creatures, Pour Moi reveals

NO.5 – PLAYA DE LOS MUERTOS, ALMERIA PROVINCE, SPAIN: Describing this beach, which earns 67 out of 100 in the index, Pour Moi says: ‘Playa de los Muertos comes with the gift of solitude and peaceful tranquillity as it lays tucked away out of sight and can only be reached by a downward hike.’ Nude sunbathing isn’t the only activity that can be enjoyed on this stretch of coast, the lingerie brand reveals, adding: ‘This beach is known to be perfect for snorkelling, with an abundance of wildlife to see in the beach’s clear waters’

NO. 6 – PLAYA ZIPOLITE, OAXACA, MEXICO: Pour Moi says that this beach, known as Mexico’s only official nudist beach, had a ‘long history of being a naturist hot spot even before it was granted legalisation in 2016, welcoming those seeking a clothes-free beach experience for more than 30 years’. The lingerie firm added that ‘it’s gained a reputation for being a safe haven for nudists, which could be why people continue to flock here’. Its overall score on the index? Sixty-six out of 100

NO. 7 – ES TRENC, MALLORCA, SPAIN: This naturalist-friendly spot in Mallorca bags a score of 64 out of 100 on the index. ‘Es Trenc in Mallorca is said to be one of the most famous beaches in this region and it’s easy to understand why,’ says Pour Moi. It continues: ‘Located in the south of the island, the beach stretches over two kilometres, meaning that naturists have plenty of space to find the perfect spot to lay out their towel and enjoy the Caribbean-esque waters. The remoteness and the area’s wild beauty make it feel like the perfect hub for those looking to be one with nature’

NO.8 – PRAIA DO ABRICO, RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL: ‘Praia do Abrico is thought to be something of a hidden gem, even to those who live in Rio de Janeiro,’ Pour Moi says of this beach, which bags a score of 63 out of 100 on the index. The brand continues: ‘This could be partly attributed to its stunning scenery, which gives the beach further protection from any street views. The vegetation and the mountains act as a relaxing setting when paired with the warm temperatures and blue skies.’ Pour Moi adds that it’s the perfect place in which to ‘clear your mind’

NO.9 – BANANA BEACH, ZAKYNTHOS, GREECE: ‘Banana Beach is one of the largest beaches on Zakynthos island and is a short 20-minute drive from the town of the same name,’ Pour Moi reveals. It says that the naturalist-friendly section of the beach – which takes home a score of 54.9 out of 100 – is ‘known as Little Banana and is tucked away from the mainstream beach but still offers plenty of amenities for those wishing to enjoy their nude outing’. Pour Moi says that you can rent ‘luxury’ sun loungers and umbrellas in Little Banana and there’s a taverna nearby ‘where you can sample some delicious Greek cuisine and look out at the picturesque paradise that sits before you’

NO.10 – PARADISE BEACH, MYKONOS, GREECE: Pour Moi reveals: ‘Paradise Beach is set on Mykonos’ famous coastline and it certainly lives up to its name. It’s far removed from Mykonos’ renowned party scene and rather than loud music, the only sounds you’ll be confronted with are the murmurings of gentle chatter or the calming waves that drift in and out of the shore.’ The beach’s tenth-place ranking is thanks to its score of 54.7 out of 100



1. Haulover Beach Park, Florida, USA – 97/100 *Index score

2. Praia de Tambaba, Brazil – 76/100

3. Red Beach, Santorini, Greece – 70/100

4. Patara Beach, Turkey – 69/100

5. Playa de los Muertos, Spain – 67/100

6. Playa Zipolite, Mexico – 66/100)

7. Es Trenc, Mallorca, Spain – 64/100

8. Praia do Abricó, Brazil – 63/100

9. Banana Beach, Greece – 54.9/100

10. Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece – 54.7/100

11 = Piscinas Beach, Sardinia, Italy – 54/100

11 = Playa de Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain – 54/100

12 = Vecaki Beach, Riga, Latvia – 53/100

12 = Porto Ferro Beach, Sardinia, Italy – 53/100

13 = Wannsee, Berlin, Germany – 52/100

13 = Baker Beach, San Francisco, USA – 52/100

13 = Playa de Ses Illetes, Formentera, Spain – 52/100

14 = Hanlan’s Point Beach, Toronto, Canada – 51/100

14 = Rowy Beach, Rowy, Poland – 51/100

15. Playalinda Beach, Florida, USA – 50/100


1. Australia – 440,200 Google searches for ‘nude beach’ per year

2. New Zealand – 67,000 Google searches for ‘nude beach’ per year

3. The Netherlands – 215,700 Google searches for ‘nude beach’ per year

4. Canada – 446,200 Google searches for ‘nude beach’ per year

5. Ireland – 60,400 Google searches for ‘nude beach’ per year

6. United States – 3,797,000 Google searches for ‘nude beach’ per year

7. Spain – 487,100 Google searches for ‘nude beach’ per year

8. United Kingdom – 647,000 Google searches for ‘nude beach’ per year

9. Lithuania – 24,000 Google searches for ‘nude beach’ per year

10. Iceland – 3,060 Google searches for ‘nude beach’ per year

Ranking determined by combining searches with population size. 

Source: Pour Moi  

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