The vital reason you should always take the hotel business card as soon as you arrive | The Sun

BEFORE you leave your hotel for the day, you might want to pocket the hotel business card.

Most resorts will have cards available at reception but most guests are likely to overlook them.

However, frequent travellers have revealed why they could be a lifesaver in an emergency.

If your phone dies on holiday, you could be left without a way to get back.

Taking the card will let you easily get directions back.

The traveller explained on Reddit: "If staying at a hotel, I always get a business card with the hotel's address on it.

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"If my phone battery dies, I can show this to a cab driver and have them get me back to my hotel."

"Especially useful if you don't understand the language."

Others agreed on the Reddit thread.

Someone else commented: "This is a lifesaver.

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"I got mugged once in Barcelona and the only thing they got was my phone… which was my directions back to my hotel at 4am.

"Thankfully two very old men who apparently were night owls helped me get back to my hotel."

A second person chimed in: "Definitely a lifesaver in Tokyo!"

It can also help if staying at a chain hotel, in case there are a number of them in one city and you can't remember the road.

It's not the only way you could use it.

If your hotel has a key slot to keep the electrics on, you may not realise that you can put any card in it.

One woman explained online: “[I] wanted to charge my battery pack whilst I was I eating dinner, but needed my keycard.”

She then posted a picture of her Waitrose loyalty card in the slot instead – which worked.

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