The tourist destinations with low infection rates that Brits could travel to if air bridges plan goes ahead

THE UK could allow air bridges within the next few weeks to countries which have lower infection rates.

Air bridges are the latest proposal to allow travel abroad, with them allowing two countries to exempt travellers between them from quarantine.

Home Secretary confirmed the Government is looking at "international travel corridors" to see if there can be "bilateral" deals between "those countries which are deemed safe".

The plan could mean there will be hope for a summer holiday, if the number of cases can continue to drop, with the current quarantine restrictions in place until at least June 28.

"We will require bilateral agreements with countries as well, which is exactly what the FCO are working on," she said.

At the moment Britain has a relatively high rate, and it's not yet certain which countries would do deals with the UK.

Portugal is one of the few destinations in Europe which has higher infection rates than the UK, meaning they could potentially not be included in the air price measure.

Data compiled by Our World in Data shows that on June 1 the UK's daily confirmed case rate was 28.52 cases per million people.

While Portugal's overall rates remain lower, their rates per million are higher than the UK, coming in at 29.13.

However, the country has been the leading destination to offer air bridges, with plans for a UK-Portugal travel corridor suggested as soon as this month.

Thankfully there are other countries which have lower infection rates – here is where you may be able to travel to this summer.


Spain's daily case rate is just 4.47, according to statistics.

While the country currently has more than 287,000 number of cases overall, they recently reported zero new cases in a day.

Brits are expected to return to the country by July as Spain welcomes German and Nordic travellers first this month.


Italy's daily cases per million remain low at 5.87 despite previously having the highest number of cases overall in Europe.

From today, Brits can visit the country on holiday without needing to quarantine.


The daily infection rate for France is 3.94.

The country is welcoming back tourists from the EU from June 15, although it isn't clear if British tourists will be included in this.


Greece has just 0.19 daily confirmed cases, some of the lowest in Europe.

The country has been one of the most vocal destinations wanting Brits back, with the most potential for air bridges from next month.


Turkey's daily case rate per million is 9.95, much lower than the UK.

The country has been reluctant to welcome travellers back any time soon, especially British tourists.

August trips are currently on the cards, but no specific dates have been given.

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