The TikTok travel hacks that could help you on holiday this summer | The Sun

IT should be really easy for us to make the most of our holidays, with all the travel advice available online.

However, sometimes it can seem like there's just too many travel hacks out there to know which ones are really worth paying attention to.

So travel experts Blue Pillow have compiled a list that reveals which travel advice from TikTok should be taken on board and those to ignore.

One plug, five electricals

For Packing several travel adaptors when travelling abroad is common and (expensive) practice.

However, singer and influencer Tallia Storm provides an alternative as
she reveals that instead of packing several travel adaptors, just pack one adaptor and one extension lead.

Using the adaptor for your extension lead ensures that you only need one adaptor but enjoy the use of several sockets.

It will also help you out if someone is using the only available plug at the airport.

Click + collect 100ml+

When carrying hand luggage, liquids must not exceed 100ml. Any product that exceeds this limit must be bought after you pass through security.

But you can't be certain that the airport shops will stock your preferred brands and they may be more expensive.

TikTok user Emma.mahonn has found a way to navigate this – using the click and collect option on the shopping apps, purchase the items and collect them in the store that is in the airport.

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This ensures that you can carry your preferred 100ml+ goods in hand luggage and not pay airport prices.

Before using the click and collect hack, check that the store you are collecting from is on the other side of security and that it's open at the time of your arrival.

Vacuum packing

Vacuum packing doesn’t have to be saved for storing your seasonal clothes as sydschwiets proves.

Vacuum packing your clothes is great for both hand and check in luggage as it frees up space and saves any luggage slips splitting.

Sick bag phone hack

Short haul flights are unlikely to feature televisions.

But TikToker dropdeadthreads showcases how to pass the time whilst watching your favourite shows by taking the airplane sick bag to create a phone holder.

This allows you to be hands free while watching your entertainment.

Keep rolling

JillComesClean showcases 3 great ways to roll your clothes instead of folding.

Not only does rolling your clothes provide more room in your suitcase, but it also reduces the risk of creasing when you arrive at your destination.

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