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RIDES at Disneyland Paris can have lengthy queues, but there's one secret attraction that you’ll never have to queue for. 

Fans of the Phantom Manor will be pleased to discover that there is another part to the creepy haunted house ride that few people know about.

The deserted graveyard attraction, dubbed Boot Hill, sits next to the spooky mansion, tucked away in a dead end near the Disneyland lake.

It can be reached by turning left when you exit the ride and overlooks the popular rollercoaster, Big Thunder Mountain.

Here you will find a group of tombstones that give mega fans a deeper look into the story behind the famous ride which has been around since Disneyland Paris opened its doors in 1992.

In the garden area visitors will spot the resting place of Mary Murphy and Frank Ballard, two lovers linked to the Phantom Manor. 

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Their gravestones read “Til Death…” and “…Do Us Part” and are overlooked by the gravestone of Frank's disapproving mother, Ma Ballard, whose markings read “Over My Dead Body”.

Scattered around the area are other memorials linked to the fictional characters in the Phantom Manor story.

These include Henry and Martha Ravenswood, the owners of the manor house who founded the Big Thunder Mining Company, linked to the Big Thunder Mountain rollercoaster.

You may also spot a big tomb-style grave – some fans say that if you listen closely, you may hear noises from the undead knocking against the tomb walls.

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Unfortunately, you'll still have to queue to get into the main manor house.

But if you can’t face the wait, here is a list of exceptions who can skip the queue.

And if you don't make the cut, visitors can also fork out £500 for VIP tours to skip the queues.

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There are lots of new things to be excited about at the Disney parks this year.

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And the park also has some grander plans, with a new Frozen themed land to open in the near future.

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