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A NEW game-changing item promises to put an end to one of the most annoying aspects of beach holidays.

Most people love a trip to the seaside, but coming home with sand stuck everywhere is always less than ideal.

However, entrepreneur Stephanie Kelsey has come up with a clever product that means beach-goers no longer need to worry about bringing sand home from their trips out to the beach.

Beach Powder is a sand-removing substance made from a mixture of plant and mineral powders that removes sand instantly.

What's more, Beach Powder doesn't use talcum powder, which used to be the go-to method for removing sand after a day at the seaside.

Talc has been increasingly linked with several illnesses, including some cancers and reports suggest manufacturers Johnson & Johnson will end global sales of baby powder containing talc this year.

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However, the natural ingredients used to make Beach Powder ensure that it is perfectly safe for human skin.

The problem with sand arises from the moisture naturally present on human skin that makes the sand stick. 

The plant and mineral powders in Stephanie's product absorb the moisture without drying out the skin, providing gentle and natural exfoliation.

The result is totally sand-free skin that also feels silky and smooth.

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To make the powder even more appropriate for the beach, it is scented with vanilla ice-cream so the smell of a trip to the seaside lingers on the skin after returning home.

Stephanie invented the product after frequent trips home ended with her covered in sand, no matter what she tried.

As a resident of the Isle of Man, that was a very regular occurrence.

Stephanie has earned the respect of leading figures in the business world with her product, with both Sara Davies and Touker Suleyman both investing in it on an episode of Dragon's Den.

Since then, the powder has become much more available, with even Jet2 stocking it on board some of their flights last summer.

It can be bought on the Beach Powder website from £10.99.

Meanwhile, this little-known beach is now the best in the UK according to TripAdvisor.

And if you fancy a beachy holiday, Haven has UK seaside beaks from £4pp a night.

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