The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: 10 New York Hotspots Fans Of The Show Must Visit

What’s better than New York during the 1960s? A young girl is expected to get her education, marry young, and have beautiful children. Miriam “Midge” Maisel is exactly where she is supposed to be, but not really. The Amazon Prime show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel centers around a spunky, energetic Jewish girl who has everything a woman in the ’60s is supposed to have, until her husband leaves her. Left to re-evaluate her life, she finds out she has a knack for stand-up comedy.

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The show has won countless awards at the Emmy’s and Screen Actors Guild since its debut in 2017. Set in the greatest city in the world full of luxury, skyscrapers and nighttime glamour, fans can actually visit real-life locations from the show. Here are the top ten hotspots for fans to visit around New York.

10 Albanese Meat and Poultry

New York is home to some of the oldest family-run businesses. There are some locations that haven’t been changed since your great great grandparents. The Albanese butcher shop can be found in Little Italy on 238 Elizabeth Street. The shop serves as Midge’s local butcher shop.

For filming, not much was changed except for the shop’s name. Production designer, Bill Groom decided to rename the store Lutzi’s. The crew rearranged some furniture and stuck to signage that was common during the ’60s. The butcher shop has a certain charm with its worn-out bright red exterior paint and a sign that has seen some better days.

9 The Music Inn

The quirky record store opened in 1958 and is located on 169 West 4th street in Greenwich Village. The store hasn’ lost its charm over the years and has been seen in the show on numerous occasions. Believe it or not, back in day records weren’t just about music. The store still sells comedy records from the period.

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In the show, Midge is introduced to party records. Party records were the r-rated films of today. The records included comedy that was only meant for adult consumption. Midge buys a record by real life comedian Redd Foxx.

8 Kettle Of Fish

Don’t worry the name is only for fun. The Kettle of Fish bar was originally located next to the Gaslight Cafe where Midge performs. Sadly, the Gaslight Cafe no longer exists. Fans can still visit the bar at 59 Christopher Street in the Village. In season one, an employee at Gaslight Cafe, Susie Meyerson takes Midge out for some drinks after bailing her out of jail.

The Kettle of Fish has some historical ties to famous artists besides the show The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel. Back in the day musician Bob Dylan would hang out at the bar in between his sets next door at the Gaslight Cafe.

7 Washington Square Park

Besides the towering skyscrapers and buildings, New York is home to some interesting open spaces. Washington square park is notorious for showing up in countless films and television shows. The park is a well know part of Greenwich Village with its marble arch built in 1892.

The famous arch is also seen when Midge is called to give a speech at a protest. Midge becomes part of a rally organized by Jane Jacobs who is against building a highway through the park. The scene also captures accurate posters used during the rally.

6 B.Altman’s Department Store on 5th Avenue

In the show, Midge works at the makeup counter at B.Altman’s department store. The location is no longer the original department store and is now used by the City University of New York as the CUNY Graduate school on the 5th avenue side.

The scenes where Midge walks along the display windows were filmed along the 34th street side of the building. The set designers built custom awnings and windows to fit the existing window spaces of the building. The interior scenes were not filmed inside. Instead, the designers built the interior of the department store in an old bank.

5 The Friar’s Club

The club is located at 57 E 55th St #3205 in New York. It’s conveniently located near the Museum of Modern Art. Susie visits the Friar’s club to get some advice from comedy manager Harry Drake. The club is private and is home to some celebrity comedic roasts.

The club is known for its comedy guests and events. In 2008 the club started a stand-up comedy event, “So You Think You Can Roast!?” Fans of the show might not be able to enter the club as it is for private members only, but you can still go see the exterior.

4 Prospect Park Carousel

Charles Carmel designed the carousel and was built in Prospect Park in 1912. The ride is located in the children’s corner of the park and is made up of 53 horse rides. Other animals such as a lion, a giraffe, a deer, and two dragons pulled chariots are also a part of the ride. Prospect Park is located in Brooklyn and costs $2.50 for a ride.

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Midge and her friend Imogen Cleary co-host a birthday party for their children. In the scenes, Midge talks to her estranged husband Joel about moving along with their divorce.

3 East Midwood Jewish Center

Midge’s parents, Abraham and Rose Weissman, are practicing Jews. The synagogue they visit in the show is a real-life location. The synagogue is located at 1625 Ocean Avenue in Brooklyn. The scenes with Midge’s parents were filmed on location.

East Midwood Jewish Center finished its construction in 1929 and no major renovations have been done since. The location was the only synagogue in Brooklyn with a working pool from 1990 until 2010. The synagogue hosts multiple community events and extracurricular activities for children. The building itself is also on the National Register of Historic Places.

2 York Barber Shop

In season one, episode six, Midge goes looking for Harry Drake and finds him in this blast from the past barbershop. The shop is located at 981 Lexington Avenue in New York. The barbershop allows for a completely immersive experience of an old fashioned posh barbershop.

The shop was established in 1928 and hasn’t modernized to the current times. The shop has black and white tiled floors, dark wood paneling throughout the store and plenty of celebrity photos on the wall. The shop even has original signs and items from when it originally opened. The chairs are dark red vinyl and let’s not forget the vintage barber pole in the window.

1 Subway (New York Transit Museum)

New York is notorious for its subway system and subway cars. The New York Transit Museum located at 99 Schermerhorn Sreet in Brooklyn has vintage trains from multiple eras. In the show, Midge takes the subway. The seafoam green color of the subway car walls can be seen in person at the museum.

The car used in the show is an R-11 Prototype of the 1940s. Fans are in luck. For a couple of weekends every year, a number of vintages cars from different eras are put in service. The ‘Holiday Nostalgia’ subway rides start the Sunday after Thanksgiving until the end of the year. The rides only happen on Sundays. Keep a lookout for the seafoam green car seen in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

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