The Holiday Guru tackles readers' Covid-related travel issues

The Holiday Guru tackles readers’ Covid travel issues, including a testing fiasco in Kos and a conundrum over whether to pay for a £16k world cruise in 2022 that goes to Australia

The Holiday Guru is always on hand to answer your questions.

This week he provides some valuable advice for anyone who is considering travelling within 90 days of recovering from Covid.

Q. We tested positive for Covid in Kos, Greece, in August and could not fly home. We went to a quarantine hotel and, after negative lateral flow tests, flew back on September 7. On return, we took a ‘day two’ PCR test, as required.

Both of us were positive and had to isolate for ten days. I have since learnt the Government says you should not take a PCR test within 90 days of a positive Covid test. What else could we do?

Clare Friel, via email.

Cafe culture: People enjoy alfresco dining under trees in Greece’s pretty Kos Town

A. The Department of Health and Social Care says people in your position must take travel tests as anyone else would. There is a ‘risk’, it admits, you may have to self-isolate after a ‘day two’ PCR test.

Although the Government says there is a ‘90-day window after a positive test’ during which citizens should not take PCR or lateral flow tests, entry requirements for the UK ‘take precedence’ ( Anyone who is considering travelling within 90 days of recovering from Covid, take note.

Q. If I fail the Covid test in Portugal and can’t return, will I go to a hotel paid for by the Portuguese government — or will it be down to my insurance?

Debbie Rowland, via email.

A. Visit Portugal, the tourist office, says that ‘travellers are required to cover the cost of their hotel isolation and should have appropriate insurance in place’.

Q. I am trying to have my deposit refunded for a cancelled safari in Zambia with Scott Dunn. Will I get it?

Eirwen Hopkins, via email.

The Guru helps a reader understand their refund rights on a cancelled safari in Zambia

A. Under the Package Travel Regulations refunds should be given within 14 days if you have paid the full amount of a cancelled holiday.

However, this does not apply to those who have paid the deposit and not met the balance.

In this instance, some companies will simply keep the cash. However, Scott Dunn is, reasonably, offering a future holiday credit.

Q. In August 2020 we booked a 116-night world cruise on MSC Poesia departing on January 7. Sadly, with Australia and New Zealand impossible to visit, the trip is unviable. I have a balance of £16,097 that I am wary to pay in case the trip is cancelled. Advice?

Geoff Aston, via email.

The Guru advises a reader to pay the full amount on a world cruise that is due to sail to Australia. Pictured is Sydney, Australia 

A. Pay the balance. If the cruise is cancelled, you will be due a full refund under the Package Travel Regulations. If you wish to take a credit instead, you could rebook. MSC apologises for any miscommunication.


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